Size Can Matter: Glamour Engagement Rings

glamour engagement rings

The greatest gifts that all gorgeous glamour engagement rings have in common are love, character, and sophistication.  Engagement rings are the ultimate symbol of love, so you want to be sure that you’re picking the right one. The cut, shape, and carat size all matter, so read on to discover how to make a window-shopping […]

7 Engagement Ring Trends You Will See Everywhere in 2022

Engagement Ring Trends

Ready to propose? Well, we wish you all the best with your special moment. But as you make the necessary preparations to pop the question, the biggest and most crucial step will involve you choosing the perfect engagement ring.    Perhaps you aren’t too keen on going the customized route, so your best bet would […]

Three-Stone Halo Engagement Ring Styles For 2022

Three-Stone Halo Engagement Ring

If you are looking for a meaningful, classic, and stylish engagement ring, a three-stone halo engagement ring is the way to go. This kind of fine jewelry is not only ageless but a traditionally inspired design. However, it simultaneously adds a modern twist to the more classic designs, such as a Solitaire engagement ring. Diamond […]

Stylishly Studded – Diamond Stud Earrings Are Timeless Staples

Diamond Stud Earrings

Earrings, worn by women and men alike by piercing one or more zones of their earlobes, are among the oldest accessories in history. Their date and place of origin are unknown. Still, evidence dates back to the ages of Moses and ancient Egypt, serving since then as a symbol of wealth and fashion having different […]

Unique Features of Contemporary Engagement Rings

Contemporary Engagement Rings

Today, contemporary engagement rings are trending. From an oval diamond ring to a pear-shaped ring, these exclusive-looking rings come in all shapes and sizes. Yet, what makes engagement rings contemporary and memorable? We set out to discover the various nuances that make these modern wedding bands so incredibly popular. What is a Contemporary Engagement Ring? […]

The Timeless Elegance of cushion cut engagement rings

Cushion cut engagement rings are a popular type of diamond cut, and it has been around for many decades. The cut was known as “mine cut” when the Brazilian miners cut the diamonds with their hands. Additionally, the cushion cut was very famous in the nineteenth century, and at that time, most gemstones, including diamonds, […]

White Gold Engagement Rings: A World’s Obsession

white gold

Diamonds may be a woman’s best friend, but a diamond is merely a pretty rock without gold. Since the earliest days of recorded history, people have been entranced by gold. From the moment humankind saw its enchanting glitter in the sharp rays of the sun, we’ve found a plethora of uses for it. We’ve used […]

Rose Gold Princess Cut Ring: The Ultimate Combination

rose gold princess cut ring

The rose gold princess cut ring has regained popularity in recent years, to the point that it has become a classic when it comes to fine jewelry and promises to continue as a strong trend for years to come. It gives its user an essence of delicacy, romanticism, style and edginess. This beautiful rose-colored metal […]

Popular Shape and a Huge Sparkle: 2 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

2 carat emerald cut

From Elizabeth Taylor to Beyonce, The Art Deco stone, the 2-carat emerald cut diamond ring has stood the test of time and is a massive favorite for picking a size and shape for engagement rings or even wedding bands. Here you will learn all the pros and cons of the 2-carat emerald cut diamond ring. […]

Round Diamond Ring: The Most Classic Shape in the Game

round diamond ring

It is the ideal cut – the round diamond ring is the most classic-shaped engagement ring on the market for a reason. The round diamond ring has a rich history. It was crafted by Marcel Tolkowsky, a man who left an incredible legacy in the diamond industry. His legacy is important to the diamond ring […]

Remounting Your Engagement Ring

Remounting Engagement Ring

A diamond ring is forever… sort of. Wear and tear can occur, and also, at some point, you may find yourself wondering whether you need to get your band remounted. Remounting your engagement ring is a reasonably cheap way to update it (compared to buying a brand new one). It allows you to carry with […]

Stylish Engagement Ring Designs You Should Know

In ancient Rome, women started wearing rings made of bone and flint. These rings were worn as proof of a business contract and indicated their love and obedience to their husbands. In 1850 Pope Nicholas I proclaimed that a gold engagement ring would signify the intent of a man to marry his betrothed. The inclusion […]