Size Can Matter: Glamour Engagement Rings

The greatest gifts that all gorgeous glamour engagement rings have in common are love, character, and sophistication. 

Engagement rings are the ultimate symbol of love, so you want to be sure that you’re picking the right one. The cut, shape, and carat size all matter, so read on to discover how to make a window-shopping experience into an educational trip as we explore how to pick glamour engagement rings that genuinely speak to your love story.

How Size and Shape Affect Rings

The cut and proportion of the diamond determine how much internal and external light will shine through.

Cut refers to the shape of the diamond, which affects its ability to capture and reflect light. The most popular shapes for rough diamonds are round, princess, oval, and pear, with round being the most popular. 

  • Round Diamonds: These diamonds reflect light through the top of their cut, creating a gorgeous and lively sparkle. 
  • Princess-cut Diamonds: These diamonds have sharper points, which increases their ability to refract light. This makes them ideal for everyday wear because they are bright with moderate sparkle. 
  • Oval-cut Diamonds: These diamonds give off a warmer glow than other shapes and add sophistication. Oval cuts do not need much glow because they already have the extreme angle required to send light forward out of their tip. This feature maximizes brightness while keeping the diamond balanced without relying too much on dazzle. 
  • Pear-shaped Diamonds: This cut allows for a broader edge reflecting light at different angles. It gives the pear-cut diamonds a rich look that is perfect for people who want something a little darker but not quite as old-fashioned in appearance as the Toi et Moi ring.

Which is Best for Engagement?

The Toi et Moi signature ring could make a perfect wedding or engagement ring for people who love fashion, glamour, and romance. This historic ring style first gained attention in 1796 when Napoleon Bonaparte gifted a Toi et Moi ring with a diamond and sapphire to his wife. The symbolic meaning behind the Toi et Moi ring is highly romantic and a great ring to symbolize two entities meeting as one.

Toi et Moi signature ring: This ring, which translates as “you and me,” is one of the most historic setting styles. It features two pear-shaped diamonds in a heart-shaped gold setting.

Diamond Solitaire: These glamour engagement rings have a single diamond set in a classic cluster design. Not only is the center stone eye-catching and classic, but it also is available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every bride’s taste.

Pave Settings: This setting contains tiny diamonds or other gemstones within the metal of the ring that are held in place by small metal prongs. These settings often appear very delicate, but they can also be quite sturdy.

Three-Stone Settings: These settings have one center stone and two smaller stones on each side.

Halo Rings: These rings are shaped like a half-moon, with gems set in a solid or open-backed frame that encircles the center stone. The style provides a primary focal point that is captivating and elegant. They are designed to catch the eye at first glance.

Bezel Settings: It is a three-dimensional ring design that consists of prongs or edges that rise from the top and encircle the center diamond or gemstone. Each of them has its unique style and edge designs.

How Many Carats? 

There is no magic number for carats in an engagement ring. Of course, there are some general guidelines for picking out the perfect ring for your loved one. So, how do you decide how many carats should an engagement ring be?

First, consider her style. Does she like delicate pieces or bolder designs? Does she prefer classic looks or contemporary designs? 

Most Popular Glamorous Engagement Rings

This section will briefly explain the different shapes of the 2-carat diamond rings.

2-carat oval diamond


A 2-carat round diamond features 58 facets (cuts) on its crown (top), whereas a 2-carat oval diamond has 52. Although an oval diamond is smaller than a round diamond, its unique cut appears bulkier and more sparkly.


2-carat cushion-cut diamond


Cushion-cut diamonds are famous for their square-like shape and curved, rounded sides. They are gorgeous glamour engagement rings


Yellow gold is trendy for cushion-cut diamonds because it makes the gemstones stand out against the metal. Rose gold is another popular metal choice that can complement a 2-carat cushion-cut diamond and make it pop even more. These combinations have a gorgeous shiny sparkle.


2-carat round-cut diamond


A 2-carat round-cut diamond with white gold is a beautiful glamour engagement ring. It will show off that 2-carat stone in all its glory.

Small Designs Work, Too

Minimalist engagement ring designs are a great idea for those not into big, flashy rings. 

  • A small diamond set in platinum makes for a simple but elegant engagement ring. 
  • A solitaire diamond ring set in platinum is a timeless piece that will never go out of style. 
  • Small diamonds in white gold are also trendy as they give an understated look. 
  • A single diamond set in a plain gold band will focus all attention on the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond.

It’s easy to get lost in all the glitz and glamour of large diamonds, but sometimes less is more! For this reason, a minimalist engagement ring with smaller, medium, or no diamonds can be ideal if you don’t want attention drawn to the ring or if you want a simple style with less bling.


A 2-carat diamond is an excellent choice for an engagement ring or a gift to a loved one. Designers use 2-carat diamonds in various cuts, shapes, and sizes that reflect light through the table and provide a good deal of sparkle and fire.

Glamour engagement rings are an essential part of the proposal process because it allows you to enjoy a piece of jewelry that will last forever.