Popular Shape and a Huge Sparkle: 2 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

From Elizabeth Taylor to Beyonce, The Art Deco stone, the 2-carat emerald cut diamond ring has stood the test of time and is a massive favorite for picking a size and shape for engagement rings or even wedding bands.


Here you will learn all the pros and cons of the 2-carat emerald cut diamond ring. You will discover a little bit more about the competition cut. That’s right, the 2-carat cushion cut diamond ring is also a fan favorite. 


Furthermore, the cuts, shapes, and sizes will also be discussed. But first, let’s start at the very beginning. 


What are Emerald cut diamonds?


Many people wonder what an emerald has to do with this luxurious stone. Well, only the inspiration- the large table, the beautiful elongated form, and the linear facets make them sought after, and exceptional as only 3% of the world’s diamonds are cut in this shape. This is why a 2-carat emerald cut diamond ring is unique.


Every lover of fine jewelry will agree that the hall-of-mirrors effect is one of the factors why this cut is so popular.  The dark and light planes fuze into one, and the play of light entices with an art deco charm.


What is a 2-carat diamond?


When we speak of 2-carat, we refer to the diamond’s weight. 2 Carat equals 0.4 grams. And the size should always be around 8.10mm diameters. 


How to find the perfect emerald cut.


You should consider cut proportions.


Remember, the diamond shape is different from the diamond cut. The term “cut” refers to shapes as emerald-cut or round cut. But the real meaning of “cut” is the proportions of the diamond.


A critical factor is the cut. If the cut is perfect, the gem will give off the best sparkle. And that is what you want from your 2-carat emerald cut diamond ring.


You should check the length to width ratio.

You can obtain the ratio by dividing the width by the length. All emerald cut diamonds come in a familiar square shape or a little narrow rectangle, making the 2-carat emerald cut diamond ring so popular.


The color and clarity

Clarity is a choice, but if you only want the best 2-carat emerald cut diamond ring, then a flawless grade is what you’ll have to go for. Minute inclusions, on the other hand, are a bit more economical but make sure you can’t spot them with your bare eyes; otherwise, you are taking a low quality product.


Just like clarity, color is a personal choice. However, a tint of yellow has been a popular choice for 2-carat emerald cut diamond rings lately.


The “trinity bonus” of emerald cut diamond rings


They are more affordable.

Hollywood is to thank for this. As the princess cut and round diamonds have been glorified for years in movies and mainstream media, the 2-carat emerald cut diamond ring took the back seat, meaning they are less in demand, making them a little more affordable.


Engagement rings appear bigger.

The emerald cut seems more prominent than a round-cut, even if they have the same carat weight. This means you can spend up to 25% less on a 2-carat emerald cut diamond ring that looks bigger.


Fingers look slimmer.

The elongated shape of the 2-carat emerald cut diamond ring gives off the illusion of slender fingers.


The cushion cut diamond


The cushion cut diamond is a big competition for the emerald cut diamond for engagement rings. One might think that a radiant cut engagement ring or a pear-shaped ring might be more popular, but sales have proven different. 


The unique shape with rounded corners adds to the facets’ size, so it is in demand. But there are a few demerits to this cut, and here they are.

  • There are many names given to this cut, and this leads to confusion. Some names include classic cushion, chunky cushion, or even elongated cushion cut diamond engagement ring.
  • Because of the open table these stones have, flaws can be seen more easily. 
  • Unfortunately, this is not the best shape to retain any color.




What is the price range for a 2-carat diamond?


The price of a diamond engagement ring is impacted by various factors, such as the type of setting, the shape, and the clarity grade. Most commonly, you will look in the area of $20 000.

Are 2-carat diamonds considered big?

Yes, they are, as most diamond engagement rings are in the region of 0.9 carats.

What is the price of a 2-carat oval diamond ring?

Like any other diamond, the color, cut quality, and clarity influence the price. Oval diamond rings are favored, but not as much as a 2-carat emerald cut diamond ring.


The problem with a 2-carat oval diamond is that it can look chunky, so the best bet is to go for a 1.5-carat oval diamond ring.



To find the best 2-carat emerald cut diamond ring, there has to be a focus on the elements that will deliver the ultimate value and beauty. When buying your radiant engagement ring, you have to have a clear vision of the cut, shape, and color to avoid being confused when it comes to the deed of choosing a ring. 


It is also essential to do your research on dealers. Only buy from well-respected dealers in stores or online. You do not want to walk around with low quality or even fake 2-carat emerald cut diamond ring on your finger after you have paid a considerable amount for it.


For example, Nature Sparkle can help you make a well-informed choice for your engagement ring or even wedding bands. Now that you know a little more about the emerald cut diamond, you can have an easier choice, hopefully finding the gemstone that is right for you. So off you go and use the tools you were given, and happy diamond hunting for your special day.