Unique Features of Contemporary Engagement Rings

Today, contemporary engagement rings are trending. From an oval diamond ring to a pear-shaped ring, these exclusive-looking rings come in all shapes and sizes. Yet, what makes engagement rings contemporary and memorable?
We set out to discover the various nuances that make these modern wedding bands so incredibly popular.

What is a Contemporary Engagement Ring?

Simply put, a contemporary engagement ring is a ring with a modern-looking design. There are plenty of unique features that can make your ring contemporary or modern.

Any angular cuts, such as the popular baguette-cut, or a radiant or even emerald cut, can give a classy, modern look to age-old gemstones.
The secret to modern design isn’t just found in the way that the cutter works a gemstone.
The bridge and any tension settings can also make a gem seem as if it is floating. This design can add tremendous beauty and class to a radiant engagement ring.

Now that we understand contemporary design in fine jewelry a bit better, it begs the next question. What attributes exactly make an engagement ring truly unique? After all, your beloved deserves something as special and unique as they are.

What is a Unique Engagement Ring?

Unique doesn’t always mean modern. However, we do find that most modern designs tend to be rarer than vintage designs. The truth is, any distinctive element can make a ring unique.

For example, we find that a 1.5-carat oval diamond ring with a double halo is a truly unique engagement ring. The uniqueness of this ring unquestionably adds personality and style to the wearer.

Other unique engagement rings are the elongated cushion-cut diamond engagement rings. Even though they are slowly becoming more popular and probably less unique, they still are some of the most inspiring diamond rings on the market.
If you are looking for a unique and contemporary engagement ring, there are several things that you can do to ensure that yours is the best.

How Can I Make Sure That My Engagement Ring Is Unique and Contemporary?

We truly do live in the golden age of fine jewelry. The advances in crafting technology bring with it several benefits that we can all enjoy. To make your 2-carat cushion cut diamond ring even more unique, you can do any of the following:

Blended Metal Bands Are All the Rage

Gone are the days of simple gold or platinum and silver rings. For a truly unique engagement ring, swap the metal out for a blended metal band. The mixed metals will bring out different colors to compliment your ring and style.
Some people choose to layer the metals on top of others, while others twist the metals to create exciting and unique patterns.

East-West Settings Are Incredibly Unique

Most jewelers feature North-South settings on their engagement rings. If you are looking for something more modern and unique, we recommend choosing a radiant cut engagement ring with an East-West setting.

When your diamond is laid out sideways, covering more of your finger’s width, it should seem more prominent and more impressive.

Make Your Diamond Pop With Other Gemstones

Adding some color to your sparkling diamond is also a great way to ensure that it is unique. Various gemstones, such as your birthstone, can add a vital pop of color to compliment your central diamond.

An artisan will often add these gems, whether they are rubies or emeralds, to the setting as an accent for the central contemporary diamond.

What Is a Contemporary Diamond?

Contemporary diamonds are some of the most beautiful and precious diamonds that you can find on the market. They have a unique sparkle and life that older, vintage diamonds seem to lack.

Undoubtedly this unique sparkle and life are due to the modern cutting techniques that jewelers employ. Some of the most contemporary cuts that you can use to make your ring look unique are:

The Radiant Cut

The radiant cut is well-known for its angular corners and straight lines. This cut leaves a unique look with over 70 facets to reflect light in all directions.

The Oval Cut

Lazar Kaplan invented this renowned cut back in the 1950s. It is incredibly famous for making the wearer’s fingers appear slender and elegant. Today, an oval cut is a modern and sophisticated take on the traditional, round cut.

The Princess Cut

This contemporary style came from the United States in the late 1980s. Unlike most rectangular cuts, the Princess Cut features sharp, 90-degree corners. It is the sharp corners that give the gem such an exquisite clean look.

Is a Modern, Unique Engagement Ring Right for Me?

Modern cuts tend to create diamonds that are more enticing to the eye. Not only do they add more sparkle and life to the jewel, but they will be a great talking point in any situation.

When you combine a modern cut with either blended or mixed metals or a unique setting, your ring will be as unique as you are. Modern rings, however, aren’t for everybody. It takes a bold, fresh personality to push aside tradition in favor of something more stylish and contemporary.
If you want to break tradition and look stylish and elegant while doing it, a contemporary engagement ring is perfect for you.

Our Final Thoughts

There are various exciting ways that you can make your engagement ring look modern and unique. Whether you decide to use a unique combination of metals for the band or different cuts and settings for the gem, there are loads of exciting options available to you.

Talk to your jeweler if you’re not sure whether a specific cut or setting will work for you. No doubt, their years of experience will help guide you to the perfect, complimenting match that will have you grinning from ear to ear.