Rose Gold Princess Cut Ring: The Ultimate Combination

The rose gold princess cut ring has regained popularity in recent years, to the point that it has become a classic when it comes to fine jewelry and promises to continue as a strong trend for years to come. It gives its user an essence of delicacy, romanticism, style and edginess.


This beautiful rose-colored metal is a perfect modern choice for the fashion-forward bride-to-be who looks for meaning behind gifts; rose gold represents love, so it is ideal for a sentimental, touching engagement ring. 


What is rose gold made of?


You probably can guess that the base for rose gold is yellow gold, but how do they make it pink? It is by making pure gold with copper alloys that they achieve rose gold’s delicate pink tone. 


The usual copper percentage in rose gold princess cut rings is 25% and 75% of pure gold. The result of this is an 18k rose gold, but the percentage of copper against pure gold found in the mix will change the carat of the rose gold. 


Is rose gold a durable metal?


Yes! It is actually more durable than white or yellow gold, and while it is not as strong as platinum, it is a durable metal and is sustainable for everyday use. It also does not require additional protective layers as many other varieties of gold do, and it never loses or changes the beautiful soft pink color that we know rose gold princess cut rings for. 


Princess Cut


Created at the beginning of the 1960s by Arpad Nagy, it was initially called the “profile cut.” Known as one of the most radiant cut engagement rings, the princess cut owns the same sparkle as round or oval diamond ring cuts, but in a modern, stylish square shape that comes in on a pointy shape, almost like an upside-down pyramid. 


This cut brings together the modernity of the square table and shape, with the traditional pointy shape of the most classic, elegant shapes for engagement rings


What to look for in a rose gold princess cut ring?


These beautifully colored rings are unique and valuable, independent of the sentimental value we give to them. Based on the quality and characteristics of the stone and the gold that composes it, let’s look into the most relevant things to pay attention to when picking a rose gold princess cut ring




Remember that the tint of the rose gold depends on the carat of the gold-copper alloys used in your rose gold princess cut ring. If you want a delicate pink tone, 18k rose gold is the perfect choice for you, but if you prefer a blusher, deeper pink for your radiant engagement ring, you’ll love 14k rose gold. 




While the traditional choice for engagement rings is diamonds as the central stones, if you’re more into being original and standing out in the crowd, you can go for a colored stone like sapphires, emeralds, rubies, or pearls.


But whatever gemstone you choose, it is vital to verify its quality and authenticity. Check for uneven colorations, opacity, and color richness to make sure you’re getting a top-quality gem that will stay with you for many years to come. 




Rose gold princess cut rings look fantastic in most arrangements; you can make it sweeter and cuter with a floral or even a creative multiple gemstone arrangement with smaller gems. Or, if you’d prefer a more elegant, classic look, you can go with a single central stone or a double gemstone arrangement.


A single princess cut diamond is the perfect companion for rose gold, as it gives a traditional touch to an otherwise modern design. But if minimalism isn’t your thing, you can decorate your rose gold princess cut ring with additional gemstones to make it brighter or even more colorful. 


When it comes to rose gold and princess cut gems, you can play with the setting to match your personality and style. You can add one more petite princess cut diamond as an accent on each side, side stones in different cuts, or even colored gemstones to make up a rose gold princess cut ring as unique as you. 


Princess Cut vs. Other Cuts


Compared to similar cuts like elongated cushion cut diamond engagement rings, for example, cushion cut tends to look smaller because of the smaller table on top of the gem, and the price per carat is higher. On the other hand, the princess cut has a brighter sparkle and a wide range of reflections because of the depth of the diamond. 


Following this example, a 2 carat cushion cut diamond ring would appear visibly “smaller” and less bright than a 2 carat princess cut diamond ring. 


Next to a pear-shaped ring, the princess cut makes the hands of the person wearing it look shorter, so if you have slender fingers, the princess cut is the perfect option for you. It is also less expensive per carat than the pear cut.


In comparison to a 1.5 carat oval diamond ring, a princess cut diamond of the same carat might seem smaller because of the depth of its shape. Still, the princess cut will always be a more fashionable, modern take on a rose gold princess cut ring and a brighter, more complex shape to wear than an oval cut if you don’t consider yourself a classic or traditional person.  




A rose gold princess cut ring is a timeless, elegant, and meaningful piece of high-end jewelry. Made for a trendy but elegant bride who tastes unique, romantic, and profound experiences with her partner and wants to translate it into her wedding bands.


This beautiful sample of fine jewelry can adapt to all personalities, from the minimalistic tastes to those who prefer a unique piece that will stand out in the crowd.