Stylishly Studded – Diamond Stud Earrings Are Timeless Staples

Earrings, worn by women and men alike by piercing one or more zones of their earlobes, are among the oldest accessories in history. Their date and place of origin are unknown. Still, evidence dates back to the ages of Moses and ancient Egypt, serving since then as a symbol of wealth and fashion having different forms like a stud, dangle, and hoop earrings.

In the following guide, we tell you everything you need to know about Diamond Studded Earrings so you can wear them and draw the attention of everyone around you.

History of Diamond Studded Earrings

The diamonds were firstly founded in India around the 4th century BC. Since then, their strength and brilliance made them widely famous as cutting tools and fine jewelry.

When other jewels and gems with bright colors like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds appeared, they were slowly replaced in accessories and adornments. Later in the 19th century, they regained popularity.

In 1947, the “De Beers” group started an advertising campaign to raise the demand for diamonds. This publicity consisted of a slogan for engagement rings titled “A diamond is forever.” This slogan was successful, and the diamonds became popular again. Worn by celebrities and wealthy people alike, in 1970, the diamond studded earrings emerged and became the fashionable and popular staple they´re today.

Shapes and Cuts Of Diamond Studded Earrings

Since diamond studded earrings can come in different shapes or cuts depending on the necessity of the user and the diamonds´ natural shapes, you might find different types available. There are 2-carat oval diamond cuts, 2-carat cushion diamonds, as well as some other favorites:

Round Brilliant Cut

Marcel Tolkowsky invented the round brilliant-cut in 1919. Since then, it has become the most popular cut in diamonds. Thanks to its round shape and symmetrical look, the diamond reflects more light, allowing the viewer to see 58 possible facets that reflect the light.

This has made them the most classic and used cut stud earrings and diamond bracelets and rings.

Princess Cut

Ygal Periman, Betazel Ambar, and Israel Itzkowitz created the princess diamond cut in 1980. This cut has a square-like or rectangular shape and is commonly recognized for its “inverted pyramid” look. While it’s not as popular, it has gained popularity in recent years, being somewhat less expensive than the round-cut diamond.

Radiant Cut

The Radiant Cut Diamond was designed in 1977 to maximize brilliance, cutting the diamond in steps-cuts similar to an emerald and brilliant cuts in the round.

Asscher Cut

The Royal Asscher Diamond Company introduced the Asscher cut in 1920. These cuts were somewhat scarce after the great depression, but they saw a comeback in popularity recently; their square-somewhat octagonal look characterizes these cuts. The Asscher cut diamonds usually have a high crown with significant step facets around them, which produce a distinct brilliance and clarity that distinguish them from the other shapes.

Carat Weight in Diamond Studded Earrings

The Carat is the unit used to measure jewels, pearls, and in this case, diamonds. One Carat or 1 ct is equal to 0.200 grams.

The Carat is one of the factors that determines the actual weight and value of a diamond. The more diamond weights in Carat, the more it might value. Still, other factors can make an impact, like its clarity, color, or cut grade. This means that even if two diamonds have the same carat weight, one can have more value than the other based on its brilliance.

What is the normal size for diamond studded earrings?

The standard size of the diamond-studded earrings is 1 Carat or 1 CT; it’s essential to consider the diamond´s total weight. Wearing heavy earrings might be tiresome after some time, and it can affect the earlobes in the long run overall.

Can I wear my diamond earrings every day?

Thanks to its renowned durability and strength, the brilliance of your diamond stud earrings will last over an entire life and beyond if they are correctly maintained.

The Different Colors of Diamond Stud Earrings

Similar to their shapes, the Diamond Studded Earrings come in different colors, between the most popular Yellow Gold, Platinum, Black, Blue, Brown, or Bronze.

There’s no better or worse here, so if you’re gifting this to someone, we recommend considering her preferred colors, the attires she uses, or other accessories and jewelry she might have.

Settings of the Diamond Stud Earrings

The “settings” in the diamond studded earrings are the earring bases that hold the diamonds and attach to our ears. No matter how pretty the diamond is, it can be awkward or uncomfortable to wear if the setting of the earring doesn’t suit us.

Among the most common, we can find the prongs where the diamonds are held in place using up to 3 or 4 tiny pieces of metal. The Bezel is where the diamond is centered using a ring of metal. As its name implies, the “martini” holds the diamond in a cone form, making it look like a glass of Martini. The “basket” is where the diamond is put at the top of a flat bottom. The “crown” setting is similar to the basket, also having a flat bottom, but the diamond is put lower down.

Back Of The Diamond Studded Earrings

After deciding on your earrings setting, you must choose the backs of the earring. These are commonly divided into “Push Backs,” which back pushes the earring using friction, “Screw Backs,” which screw onto a threaded earring post, securing the earrings, and the “Secure Lock Backs” which slip onto our earring post, and lock it into place using a double groove secure mechanism.

Conclusion – Is it worth buying diamond studs?

The diamond-studded earrings are a fashionable type of earrings that serve for casual and special occasions. The brilliance and beauty of the diamonds can complement anyone, and thanks to the natural durability of the diamonds, their users are secured to have an accessory of a lifetime.