Remounting Your Engagement Ring

A diamond ring is forever… sort of. Wear and tear can occur, and also, at some point, you may find yourself wondering whether you need to get your band remounted. Remounting your engagement ring is a reasonably cheap way to update it (compared to buying a brand new one). It allows you to carry with you the sentimental worth of the original piece.


Whether you have been married for 10 years or perhaps are intending to celebrate your silver anniversary, it is an everyday reality that many ladies will wish to upgrade their initial engagement ring sooner or later. At precisely the same time, you are also able to decide to hold out for several significant occasions like an anniversary, birthday, or perhaps a few other meaningful events to upgrade your ring.

Reasons to Reset a Ring


There are many reasons you may choose to get your ring reset, and nearly all are due to aesthetics. Over the years the ring may suffer, wear and tear, resetting might happen when someone loses the center stone of their ring, loses the diamonds on edge, or even when the prongs wear away.


Lots of people choose to reset their rings with something more modern. Most of the rings 20 or 30 years ago were done in 2-carat oval diamond rings. A large number of folks wish to update it for something newer.

Why Change?

Regardless of whether a wedding band is outdated, people often will get weary of the one they have been wearing each day and will want a change. As people’s style changes, so does their taste in rings, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

Cost of Resetting a Ring

Resetting a 2 carat cushion cut diamond ring, for example, is substantially less expensive than purchasing a brand new band, though the amount will change based on exactly what you would like to do. It might go from $1,000 to as much as $4,000 or perhaps $5,000, according to Nature sparkle.


It depends on what sort of setting modifications you want. Adding more diamonds will generally be more costly, while merely shifting the stone from one setting to the next can be more affordable.

The Best Way to Reset a Ring

You have to find out precisely what you want your new wedding band to be like. From there, check with the jeweler of your choice to ensure that you are able to design what you are searching for. When that is completed, you can bring your outdated band to the jeweler. 

Popular Resetting Options


Choosing exactly how you would like your ring reset is a private decision, though several choices are much more well-known than others.

1. Remount to a Halo Setting

Halos come in several ways and are now regarded as traditional. Still, if you would like a more oversized and sparkly overall appearance, a halo might get your one carat to the look associated with a 1.5 carat. Regarding the dimensions of these halo stones, more diamonds on the shank will increase the wow factor tenfold.


The Carrington is also an option with a distinctive take on the Art Deco era with a halo and side baguettes of different sized round stones to finish the frame.

2. Remount to a 3 Stone Setting

What an eco-friendly way to commemorate this than a three-stone environment with some meanings and lots of sentimental value. It indicates the past, present, and potential, and maybe the middle stone can symbolize your union as a couple.


The 2-carat oval diamond engagement ring has three times the charm. A round cut middle stone is improved by a pair of corresponding 2ct side stones for intensive sparkle. A peekaboo stone surprise awaits within the curved bridge below the band.

3. Remount to a Bold and Big Setting


These options are great for the lady that has arrived at a specific place in her life and wants one thing unique and daring in her bridal appearance. The multi regard of wide bands and diamonds such as the 3-carat pear-shaped engagement ring pack a potent punch elevating your bridal appearance to bold new heights.

4. Add an Enhancer


Adding an enhancer or perhaps a ring coat such as an Amari or Ava engagement ring is an additional way to change your present band’s appearance completely. Consider them an easy but gorgeous ring upgrade. As a result it actually becomes a different and more impactful ring. 


An enhancer is a fuss-free and terrific method to upgrade your ring. No matter how you choose to renew your ring, it is better to involve your partner in the choice. 


Tips for Resetting a Ring


Look for a reputable jeweler you believe in. Resetting can be a simple process, but you still want to make sure you clarify precisely what you would like before they get the job, so there aren’t any misunderstandings.


There is also absolutely nothing amiss with asking the jeweler some questions. If you are feeling a little insecure regarding the swap, ask if you can be there when it occurs. Most jewelers will allow this.



The most crucial thing to keep in mind would be that the couple, not the band, establishes a great marriage. Enjoy your freshly updated engagement ring and a healthy and happy family life! If things are kept simple, it is relatively fast work.