Three-Stone Halo Engagement Ring Styles For 2022

If you are looking for a meaningful, classic, and stylish engagement ring, a three-stone halo engagement ring is the way to go. This kind of fine jewelry is not only ageless but a traditionally inspired design. However, it simultaneously adds a modern twist to the more classic designs, such as a Solitaire engagement ring.

Diamond Halo and Three-Stone engagement rings are considered to be part of the top ten timeless rings. It’s right up there with the 1.5- carat oval diamond ring option. Now, imagine combining the two and committing to a three-stone halo engagement ring of your choice.

A three-stone halo engagement ring allows one to be creative and even add a personal touch to the design. This ranges from stone size, shape, setting, metal (color), and details.

Therefore with this ring, not only are you abiding by tradition, moving with the times, but you are also adding your style into it.

A Three-Stone Engagement Ring

What does a three-stone engagement ring mean? And what is a three-stone engagement ring called? Three-stone engagement rings are called trinity, trilogy, or trio by some. These names all relate to the combination of the three stones horizontally-placed in one ring. What makes it a radiant engagement ring is the two stones usually smaller than the center stone, making it appear simple yet significant.

Traditionally, a three-stone engagement ring represents the past, the present, and the future of a relationship. Amongst the three diamonds:

The first diamond represents a couple’s past, the beautiful story of when and how they came across each other.

The center diamond is the couple’s present, where they are now. This may be why it is slightly bigger than the other two, because now, as a couple, you are looking at engagement rings. Engagement is a big step for any relationship, and it shows how committed you are to each other as a couple as the inevitable next step can only be a wedding.

Speaking of the future, the third diamond represents just that, the milestones to come.

As time goes, the meaning has been developed even further. The ring is also known to stand for friendship, love, and fidelity. These definitions correspond to the three stones and tell the story of romance, commitment, and the passing of time.

With all of the above mentioned, there is absolutely no doubt that this type of ring is rich in romance. For those interested in more bling, the three-stone halo engagement ring is more popular. Meghan and Harry have also made it royal as they chose it for their engagement.

In addition to how you can customize the three-stone ring into a three-stone halo ring engagement ring, you can decide if you want a halo on all three stones or just the center stone.

Halo Engagement Ring Styles

When buying an engagement ring, people want something meaningful. No matter where they are in life as a couple, the significance and symbolism represented by their ring always makes sense to them. Hence there is variety in the styles in which the stones of a three-stone halo engagement ring are cut.

Oval Diamond Ring

The oval-shaped cut diamond can be used in the three-stone halo engagement ring on all three stones or just the center. This cut is round and elongated, making it simple yet elegant. It is unique because it symbolizes longevity in a relationship. This symbol is very much in line with both the traditional and modern meanings of a three-stone ring.

Additionally, people love it because it makes one’s finger appear slender and looks great on different kinds of ring fingers.

Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

This comes in two different diamond cuts, a square and a longer, more rectangular shape. What makes it radiant is the 70 facets it has within one stone. It is mainly recommended for people with active lifestyles because its corners make it hard to get chipped.

Pear-Shaped Ring

The teardrop diamond ring is also a classic, vintage stone cut in a pear or teardrop shape. Because the diamond is long, it also makes the finger appear thinner. It symbolizes a couple’s emotional bond. Known for its sparkle, it compliments the bling and would make a great feature in the three-stone halo engagement ring.

Two Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

Also a classic, cushion cut diamonds are made up of elements such as: square, rectangular, broken glass, and more. They have grown more popular as they look great when surrounded by a halo, making them an ideal feature for a three-stone halo engagement ring.

Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Unlike cushion cuts, elongated cushion cuts are not perfectly square or rectangular shaped. They look square-ish, but their sides are not the same size. They make a perfect customized three-stone halo engagement ring because if you like this stone but would also like a perfectly shaped square or rectangular-shaped diamond, why not add them as the two on the sides?

Engagement And Wedding Rings

Ever wondered what happens to your engagement ring once you get married, or whether you can just use the same ring for the wedding too? Do you still wear your engagement ring after you get married?

In most traditional weddings, the bride walks down the aisle with their engagement ring. After exchanging your ‘I dos,’ the wedding bands are added to your left ring finger. After the wedding, you continue wearing both as a set.


A three-stone halo engagement ring is a versatile accessory. It’s broad, because you can always add a personal touch if you cannot find one that fits you perfectly over the counter. Mix and match different shapes, colors, and a set of your choice. Thus, it not only fits perfectly into your ring finger but is also a more personified fit. Its inclusion of different diamond cuts allows for an even deeper meaning onto its already existing traditional and modern symbols. You can never go wrong with an accessory that moves with time.