Stylish Engagement Ring Designs You Should Know

In ancient Rome, women started wearing rings made of bone and flint. These rings were worn as proof of a business contract and indicated their love and obedience to their husbands. In 1850 Pope Nicholas I proclaimed that a gold engagement ring would signify the intent of a man to marry his betrothed. The inclusion of diamonds in these rings only started taking off in the mid-1940s.

During the 2020/2021 global Covid-19 lockdowns, the style and design of these commitment bands shifted to meet the need for unique designs that:

  • Clean easily
  • Express more emotion
  • Have more sparkle and flair
  • Last longer as a family heirloom
  • Have a modern twist to a classic design
  • Contain an intimate detail, inscription, or message
  • Can serve as both engagement rings and wedding bands
  • Can stand the test of time, constant sanitizing, and cleaning liquids
  • Have a lifetime warranty, backed by companies that stand by their products

The International Pandemic Has Changed the Shape of Commitment Ceremonies 

What is inside the weight of a diamond?

In 1907, the term “carat” was adopted when weighing a diamond, allowing jewelers and gemologists to measure diamonds to the 100th of a decimal place before determining the price of the stones. A one-carat diamond weighs around 0.2 grams, and a two-carat gem weighs as much as half a raisin at 0.4 grams.

A larger diamond may not always be a better diamond. When it comes to being set in a ring, a larger diamond may merely mean that more of the critical points and surface of the stone is visible to the individual eye, not that it is a bigger stone. Excellent examples of this stone-setting design style could be any one of the following classic designs:

  • The beautifully set oval 1.5-carat diamond of the Amari Engagement Ring in a solitaire setting of white gold with halo wraps underneath the stone for an element of surprise
  • The timeless beauty of the 1.5-carat oval diamond of the Juliana Engagement Ring, crafted in a classic pave setting of white gold
  • The modern touch of the romantic 1.55-carat cushion-cut diamond of the Ava Engagement Ring, contrastingly set against a band of rose gold

New jewelry designers can also use modern design techniques to set smaller stones to resemble the look of a 3-carat diamond ring at a fraction of the buying price of the ‘big stone’ that we have all become familiar with by the media. Custom-designed smaller set stones can be more visible than a giant diamond, by using a custom setting.

More intimate weddings mean couples spend more on the rings

Emotions drive the high price of diamonds, and the value people attach to these precious stones. Despite diamonds being an investment, the financial expense of buying this fine jewelry meant that couples would previously buy smaller stones, often deciding to buy a better, more expensive ring when financially stable later in life.

The initiation of Covid-19 lockdowns in 2020 has seen a shift in the wedding and engagement landscape. The cancellation of holidays, travel plans, and event attendance has seen couples spending more on commitment rings and less on commitment ceremonies. Many couples who do not buy online get married faster, sometimes even in a ring shop without a big ceremony.

Trends show that couples are spending more on jewelry that has a bigger stone. Consider a simple yet elegant 2-carat oval diamond ring, or one with more flair, like a 2-carat cushion cut diamond ring with smaller stones mounted around it, extending onto the band. This beauty sparkles, catching and refracting light in all its splendor.

All diamond shapes are not created equal

A 3-carat diamond has become a trend among those with a larger budget when shopping for rings. The stone is large and weighs enough to stand out without being a nuisance when wearing it on a finger. Buyers should also consider what material the ring is made of and the shape of the stone. Combining some materials can emphasize a diamond, while combining the wrong materials may emphasize minor flaws in a stone instead.

Due to the weight of the most 3-carat diamonds, these stones have a fantastic look, offering a brilliant sparkle to the viewer. However, it is wise to consider that the value of diamonds is not just based on their size but a range of factors, including cut, clarity, color range, and shape. Interestingly the price of a 3-carat pear-shaped engagement ring is much less than that of the 3-carat round-shaped ring. 

The reason for this saving is that in the land of diamonds, the round is queen. There are plenty of shapes of diamond cuts available. Surprisingly, some result in significant savings despite a common misconception that fancy-cut stones are more expensive. The most common fancy-shaped cut diamonds to choose from would be the following:

  • Oval
  • Pear
  • Radiant
  • Marquis
  • Emerald
  • Princess
  • Heart-shaped

When Life Often Seems Out of Control, Couples Take Control of That Which Seems in Reach

The 2020 and 2021 lockdowns have resulted in a lot of uncertainty. Life seems out of control, with families and friends often being separated for extended periods. This uncertainty has catapulted couples into spending more time together and taking more control of the few details in their lives that they can control.

The global state of the pandemic has seen an increase in online jewelry sales featuring classic ring styles that clients can buy with a low-risk factor and combination sets that can serve the purpose of both wedding and engagement bands. It has also given rise to jewelers offering custom design features to potential clients, allowing them the luxury of having their own uniquely designed commitment bands.

In conclusion, If no ring out there feels suitable for you, contact a jeweler online or visit one close by and give birth to your own unique style and ring design.