Round Diamond Ring: The Most Classic Shape in the Game

It is the ideal cut – the round diamond ring is the most classic-shaped engagement ring on the market for a reason. 


The round diamond ring has a rich history. It was crafted by Marcel Tolkowsky, a man who left an incredible legacy in the diamond industry. His legacy is important to the diamond ring industry because he created the most timeless round diamond ring worldwide.


He was a renowned mathematician and gemologist who established the best possible way to cut a diamond ring. He wasn’t the only person in his family to discover a new diamond ring cut. He had other family members, like his nephew, who made the flower cut. However, he managed to find the perfect diamond-cutting formula. It would set the tone for what remained popular in engagement rings until today.

About the Round Cut

What makes the round diamond ring so incredible?


Well, there’s a reason why the round diamond ring was and is one of the most bought rings in the world. People gravitate towards it because it was one of the first rings that symbolized commitment. Apart from that, it’s exquisite and mesmerizing to look at.


When light falls on the round diamond ring’s facets, the famous cut sparkles. The combination of the cut and diamond delivers a sense of brilliance that is difficult to come by anywhere else. 


The ideal round-cut diamond ring has 58 exact proportionate facets. 33 of these facets are the crown or above the girdle of the diamond. The remaining 25 facets are on the pavilion, also known as the conical base. Until today, this diamond-cutting formula has been used to make radiant engagement rings.

The Brilliant Diamond 10 Cut

With Tolkowsky’s mathematical measurement, the round diamond ring was transformed into various best-selling versions, one of the most popular made in South Africa by Shimansky.


Shimansky created a round diamond ring known as the eight hearts diamond, but otherwise known as hearts and arrows. The eight hearts diamond balances the fire, scintillation, and brilliance of the diamond. 


Compared to the traditional round diamond ring, this one has 71 facets. These are precisely aligned to display the original concept. This round diamond ring is known as “the round brilliant” and is the most expensive diamond ring on the market.

Different Types of Diamond Rings

Popular diamond cuts often compared to the round diamond ring, include the oval diamond ring, pear-shaped ring, and the cushion cut ring.


These rings are all ranked among the top most beautiful in the world. While some women are more drawn to the value of a ring because it represents status and wealth, others are more attracted to different shapes. 


Whether you prefer a 2-carat cut cushion diamond ring, a 1.5-carat oval cut diamond ring, a 0.5-carat pear-shaped diamond ring, or the most popular 1- or 2-carat round diamond ring, there is beauty to be found in every value and cut.


Elongated cushion cut diamond engagement rings are quite popular next to oval diamond rings, especially because not everybody can afford the round diamond ring. The cushion diamond ring costs up to 25% less than the round diamond ring, while the oval diamond ring costs between 30-40% less.


Even though round cuts are more expensive than oval cuts, oval diamond rings look bigger than round diamond rings, which is one of the biggest reasons why they are often preferred. 

What About the Most Expensive Round Diamond Ring?

A 1-carat round diamond ring is considered the most popular and roughly costs between $1,800 and $12,000, yet that is not the most expensive round cut you can find on the market.


If you have never heard about The Pink Star diamond ring, then prepare to be shocked. 


The Pink Star is a diamond ring of 59.60-carats. It’s a pink diamond ring that is the largest Internally Flawless diamond to ever exist. It costs $71.2 million and is recognized as the most expensive ring globally because it features the most valuable gemstone at an auction. 


The Pink Star had a bid up for grabs by three clients and eventually sold to a jewelry retailer, Chow Tai Fook, who bought the ring while on a phone call with Sotheby’s Asia CEO, Kevin Ching. The ring was sold for 490 million Hong Kong dollars. That’s $63 million in US currency.


Now, you may wonder where this ring originated from and where you can find your little piece of the pie? 


Unfortunately, it’s the only of its kind and was mined by De Beers in Africa over 20 years ago in 1999. It took two years to cut and polish the famous ring – the ring that many wealthy people have had their eye on over the years worldwide.

A Diamond Ring is Forever

While wedding bands were worn for the very first time over 3,000 years ago, the first-ever diamond rings were made in 1459, which means that there is a lot of history attached to what’s typically known as a girl’s best friend. 


As the most popular type of fine jewelry, diamond rings are beloved because they are forever. This concept is attractive to women because it displays the tradition of a man proposing a commitment to a woman, particularly the woman he loves and plans on spending the rest of his life with.