The Timeless Elegance of cushion cut engagement rings

Cushion cut engagement rings are a popular type of diamond cut, and it has been around for many decades. The cut was known as “mine cut” when the Brazilian miners cut the diamonds with their hands. Additionally, the cushion cut was very famous in the nineteenth century, and at that time, most gemstones, including diamonds, used this cutting style. 

As a result of this popularity, the cushion cut rings were referred to as antique. Today, even though it’s refined, it still speaks the old-world style – the elegance is timeless! The modern cushion cut engagement rings now feature 64 facets instead of the initial 58 facets.  This review will discuss all you need to know before acquiring a cushion cut engagement ring. From the cut to color and clarity, you will find everything in this article. 

What is a Cushion Cut Diamond?

Cushion cuts are known for their rounded corners and 58-brilliant facet style that resembles a pillow. It’s where the name “Cushion Cut” derives from, and they have been popular among brides-to-be for many decades. In simple terms, a cushion cut is a hybrid cut, which combines a round brilliant and a more modern cut with an excellent, medieval mine facet-shaped diamond. 

A cushion cut usually costs less than brilliant cut diamonds such as the pear shaped ring or oval diamond ring. Because cushion cuts continue to grow in popularity, the price might increase significantly.

Pros and Cons of Cushion Cut Diamonds

Like any other diamond cut, cushion cut engagement rings come with benefits and downsides. Here are some pros and cons of the cushion diamond cut engagement ring. With this, you can decide if it’s the perfect ring to signify your endless love. 


  • Due to the round edges, cushion cut engagement rings are very durable. 
  • Cushion cut engagement ring has increasing popularity among brides-to-be
  • It’s more affordable than a round cut diamond
  • It’s a perfect mix of classic flair and modern style
  • A remarkable level of fire and brilliance. Cushion cut engagement rings can reflect colored and white light perfectly
  • Unique cut to make a more distinctive ring


  • The cut has many names, which can confuse buyers. The names include classic cushion, modified cushion, and more. 
  • Due to the open table, the cut’s imperfection is evident.

What to Look for When Shopping for Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Are you looking to get engagement rings for your unique bride? Here are some of the factors that you need to consider before purchasing that engagement ring. 

Color – Consider H or Better

Cushion cut engagement rings are not the best shape when it comes to retaining color. A cushion and radiant cut engagement ring are the most common diamond shapes in the fancy diamond market. So when you are looking to purchase cushion cut engagement rings, we recommend that you choose an H or a better color quality. However, if the color is set in rose gold or yellow, you can go for a K or J color quality. H diamond color is one of the most popular choices and the best-value option. 

Cushion Cut Clarity – Choose SI1 or SI2 for the Best Value

Cushion cut engagement rings have an open table, so finding an excellent eye-clean SI2 will be challenging. So you might have to budget more if you want to get a stone with the best clarity. 

Cut Parameters to Consider for Cushion Cut

Below are the cut parameters to consider when you want to get a cushion cut engagement ring.

Table – Below 70%

Depth –  Below 70%

Width Ratio/Length – Whatever you desire – explore your options

Symmetry/Polish: Good, Very Good, or Excellent

From what you can see above, the cut parameters are very loose. When it comes to cushion cut engagement rings, you can’t determine the stone’s quality from the numbers. The best way to help you choose the best cushion cut is to make an excellent recommendation. The width ratio or length is a good indicator of how small or big the stone will look.

The symmetry and polish is the grade of the cushion cut diamond. The polish grade is how fine of a polish has been applied to the diamond facets. Additionally, symmetry refers to how symmetrical the cutter has laid out the diamond facets. The carat weight is how much the diamond weighs. The more the carat weight, the higher the price of the cushion cut diamond engagement ring. So a 2 carat cushion cut diamond ring will be more expensive than a 1.5 carat oval diamond ring.

How to Care for Your Cushion Cut Engagement Rings?

Cushion cut engagement rings are one of the most treasured pieces of fine jewelry that you will own. Since it’s for your special one, you would want to keep it fresh and shining as if it’s new. Here is how you can care for your cushion cut engagement ring if you don’t want it to end up looking like a wedding band.

  • Remove the ring before carrying out activities that involve sweat, water, and dirt.
  • To keep your cushion cut diamond engagement sparkling, we recommend that you clean it every week with jewelry cleaner. You can use a scrub or soft toothbrush with soap and warm water. It’ll remove any trapped dirt. 


Are cushion cut diamonds less costly?

Cushion cut diamonds are typically less expensive than other types of diamond cut. However, the price can increase significantly as the popularity grows. 

What does a cushion cut ring mean?

Cushion cut rings are diamonds that come in a square shape with cut corners. It looks like the ancient mine cut diamonds with a mix of modern brilliant cut diamond facets.

How much does a 1 carat cushion cut diamond cost?

1 carat cushion cut diamond starts from $3,500 depending on the cut.

Which cut of a diamond has the most sparkle?

The round diamond cut has the most sparkle. It has the perfect facet pattern for the lightest return.


In this guide, we have provided you with the necessary information to decide whether a cushion cut ring is the best option for you to consider when searching for engagement rings. When it comes to cushion cut rings, there are several options to choose from. If you want to get an elongated cushion cut diamond engagement ring or radiant engagement ring, ensure that you consider the cut quality, color, and clarity – it’s essential.