7 Engagement Ring Trends You Will See Everywhere in 2022

Ready to propose? Well, we wish you all the best with your special moment. But as you make the necessary preparations to pop the question, the biggest and most crucial step will involve you choosing the perfect engagement ring. 


Perhaps you aren’t too keen on going the customized route, so your best bet would be to find your best pick from a carefully selected list of engagement ring trends for 2022. So before your anxiety levels pick up at the thought of this task, we’re here to inform you that you’ve landed in the right place to help you through this important time in your life. 

Why Going Trendy Is the Route to Go

From our experience, we know that every soon-to-be bride is different. Picking an engagement ring for a partner who prefers to keep things simple and subtle isn’t too tasking to do. You can opt for a minimalistic option with a small diamond and a delicate band. It can be just as sleek as your simple diamond bracelets


For a more complex partner who’s big on authentic and unique jewelry, going the customized route may be the best option. By personalizing the engagement ring, you make the piece unique and authentic to your tastes and preferences. 


Opting for engagement ring trends may be another option you can consider too. Some may shy away from considering trending options since it can be a rather underwhelming experience to find someone else wearing the very same engagement ring every now and then. And also, trendy options also run the risk of noticeably going out of style and becoming less popular. But there is more to engagement rings that seem to be making waves this season. 


Gone are the days when engagement rings would trend simply because of affordability and availability. Jewelers have created these popular picks to carry different meanings and sentiments so you can pick the perfect ring for you. These rings can easily translate to the message you’re longing to convey. 


With jewelry now taking a new turn by offering a unique and unexpected approach, jewelers understand that not everything revolves around affordability. Nowadays, customers don’t mind going the extra mile and spending a little more just to fully express their intention and feelings, even if this big step requires them to save for it. But for some with deeper pockets, price tags won’t necessarily be an issue and if it means buying an engagement ring similar to what Justin Bieber gave his fiance, Hailey Baldwin, then a 6 to 10-carat oval diamond won’t feel like the end of the world. 


For this reason, choosing from the best engagement ring trends may not necessarily be such a bad idea. 

Your 2022 Engagement Ring Trends

Let’s look at your biggest engagement ring trends that you should expect to find in 2022. 

“Go Big or Go Home”

These days, we’re seeing significant engagement ring trends gravitating towards larger and more sculpted pieces. They’re perfect for partners who enjoy statement pieces. Think of the kind of attention a two-carat oval cut or two-carat cushion cut diamond can attract. 


But we also see that these kinds of rings go well with fashion pieces like silhouettes which will be trending this year. Typically, you’d think that these rings are typically admired because of their large rocks. However, chunkier bands have also caught the attention of many admirers looking to either go big or go home. 


Not every bride-to-be is out to wear an engagement ring that’s noticeable from every corner of the room. 2022 is seeing a gradual interest in grand gesture pieces that accentuate anything associated with simplicity and elegance. 


It’s all about highlighting beautiful diamonds, and this can easily be achieved with cuts like the classic round cut or round brilliant cut, emerald cuts, princess cuts, and even soft oval cuts. In this case, it’s about choosing to follow the more traditional route and conventional design to produce an exceptional piece that’s both elegant and timeless. 


Despite the sentimental value of an engagement ring, rings, in general, are jewelry pieces that are seen as jewelry investments. So, for instance, diamonds tend to be the best gemstones to consider investing in. Compared to other gemstones they tend to have intrinsic value, last longer, and have a higher demand. 


You’d think that buying the most expensive engagement ring would guarantee a good return on investment, however, the most important things to factor in include the following:

  • Ensure that you buy the ring from an independently certified store and lab so it’s easier to resell
  • Round brilliant diamonds are always a popular trend so investing in this will be easier to resell on the market
  • Ensure the piece is of the best quality, has an excellent cut, and has above-average clarity and color


With the help of e-commerce, the jewelry industry is experiencing a steady rise in demand for engagement rings, giving buyers more reason to opt for trendy pieces. 

A Shift in Interest

Because the market is becoming more diverse in options, we see a lot of shifts to engagement ring options that are different from the traditional diamond stones. People are now more adventurous in their choice of color stone and arrangement. So even though this can allow for a more creative and unique touch to pieces, the trend in diversity is undoubtedly apparent. 

Sometimes… More is More 

Another steady interest that 2022 is seeing is the interest many customers have towards rings with multiple stones. The trio setting is a timeless style in representing the past, present, and future in three stones. 


The trio setting isn’t something new to the jewelry market. However, the modern take on it makes it a winning engagement ring trend. Many customers have gone all-in by bringing out their creative streaks to get the desired look. Another popular engagement ring in 2022 is the Toi et Moi ring style, which you’d find singer Ariana Grande and model Emily Ratajkowski wearing. It’s a sentimental classic that has two gems placed together on a single band. Stunning! 

Engagement Ring Trends: What to Avoid

Taking an interest in engagement ring trends can be beneficial. But with so much variety and options available, it’s very easy to find yourself making a regretful decision simply because of a simple misinformed move. 


So we’ve put together a list of straightforward points to look out for so you can know what engagement ring trends to avoid. These include the following:

  • Look out for rings made with an inexpensive or traditional metal
  • Avoid split shanks or bands that are exceptionally thick
  • Avoid engagement rings that are unflattering. Stick with diamond cuts that elongate the fingers. 
  • Over-the-top diamond pieces


Generally speaking, you should avoid following trends blindly. Do some research and be sure not to fall into the trap of experiencing a fashion fad, also known as fads fade, where you opt for a popular piece that’s “catching on” only to find it fading in popularity soon after. 


In Conclusion

This is your special moment, and if you intend on maximizing the insight we’ve provided above, you can’t treat this time like it’s coming from a dainty engagement ring trend guide. We want what’s best for you, so don’t shy away from digging into the options we provide, and be sure to make the most of your experience. 


By the way, best of luck!