Mega Trend for the Engagement Ring Market: 2 Carat Oval Diamond

Thinking of purchasing an engagement ring for your soulmate? Don’t know which shape, size or color will be the best? Well, rest assured you are not alone. Choosing the perfect ring and diamond can be a complicated task and therefore you should conduct a thorough survey to make sure you are aware of all the stunning options you have out there. 

Here at Naturesparkle, we handcraft all of our jewelry. Being in the diamond industry for many years, we can honestly say that a 2 carat oval diamond ring is one of the most popular and famous stones worldwide. 

What Should you Notice When Purchasing an Oval Cut Diamond? 

You are probably asking yourself, how did this shape become so popular? Well, the reason this stone is so desirable among many people is because of its unique cut. The cut is the shape of the diamond and in the oval cut you can find a brilliant combination of a round cut diamond and a pear cut.

Another reason the shape is so popular is due to the fact that oval shaped diamonds tend to look bigger than the round cut, and as we know – the bigger the better. 

Finally, who wouldn’t like to have a diamond that elongates shorter fingers? This shape is super flattering on any hand for that reason. 

While understanding the reasons for this shape’s  popularity is important, knowing how to purchase the right stone is an art. When you decide to purchase an oval cut diamond make sure that you deal with an authorized and well known brand that can really give you a peace of mind when you are purchasing.

In regards to the diamond itself, the correct and most proportional size is 1.33-1.66 (length to width). However, in case you’re considering adding some more side stones or changing your setting you should think of getting a wider center stone. 

Another important factor you should really pay attention to is the bow-tie effect. This term refers to the specific area in the stone where the sparkle is diminished and the diamond has a bit of dullness. All ovals will have a tiny bit of bow-tie effect but you want to avoid it as much as you can. Nature Sparkle is well known for our flawless shapes, incredible shine and with limited to no bowtie effect in our diamonds. 

Different Styles for Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

When choosing an oval shape diamond, you should be aware that unlike other stones, this one can really fit with both classic, modern, and even vintage engagement ring designs. In regard to the type of metal, you can easily choose yellow gold, white gold, platinum or even rose gold. The oval shape will look wonderful in any of these options.

If we dive deeper in order to find the perfect size, we can see that the 2 carat oval diamond usually has the best measurements and therefore it has quickly became very popular with a lot of people. If you come to a conclusion that the oval cut diamond is for you, we welcome you to check out our engagement ring’s page and contact us so that we can help you find the ideal oval shape you’ve been dreaming of.