Pear shaped rings are made with a stunning “cut” that fits smaller or larger hands, and it can’t be worn unnoticeably. This shape symbolizes a versatile look while in one perspective it has a natural and classic look, and on the other hand it can be super sophisticated and modern.

Pear cut solitaire diamond ring has the perfect structure for an engagement ring, basic ring or even different jewelry like necklaces and earrings. When searching for the impeccable stone, there are a few things you need to take in consideration:

  • Parameters of pear cut stone – the pear cut is gorgeously designed to be the middle ground between classic round and marquise cut. Mostly, this special cut has on average 58 facets, and sometimes much more.

The ratio (length & width) reflects directly on the symmetry of the stone, and that’s why most people prefer to purchase a diamond that ranging between 1.50 – 1.75. This is the popular ratio for most people because less than 1.50 will make the diamond appear small and “chubby” and over 1.75 will make it look super “slim” and out of proportion.

  • Tear drop engagement ring – when buying an engagement ring with a pear cut solitaire diamond, in terms of brilliance you are getting the top pick of the scale. The natural sparkle that this shape holds makes it one of the fanciest, elegant and flashy shapes for an engagement ring.

    Additionally, the pear cut ring can be worn with the slimmer edge pointing up or down and it is just a matter of a personal preference.

  • Individual style – it’s known that the pear shape diamond ring elongates your finger and creates a fantastic elegant line, but also this mesmerizing shape is one of a kind and does not need any extra elements that are popular on other shaped diamonds.

This tear shaped diamond is a perfect balance between round and marquise shaped stones and that is because it holds both designs in one piece. By doing so, this design is exceptional, glorious and elegant, so if you got one – be proud of it.

  • Traditional look with a modern twist – a common assumption by most people is that the unique shape is a product of modern minds, while in fact it has been around us for centuries.

    The shape was first introduced to the public in the 15th century and in the 1900’s it became more popular among the engagement rings market. The technology and progress along the years in the diamonds industry helped us manufacture magnificent tools that are able the perfect the pear cut solitaire diamond.

    So, when you think of purchasing a Diamond engagement ring, a set of beautiful earrings or any other fine jewelry you think of, keep in mind all the advantages that the pear shaped cut stone holds.

    While in other shaped diamonds you can go wrong and misunderstand the taste your partner has in fine jewelry, this diamond will fit for a classic, modern or vintage look.