Thinking of Purchasing A 2 carat cushion cut diamond ring? Here is what you need to know.

There is no doubt that the diamond industry is booming and the variety of different shapes, carat, clarity and color might be a bit confusing for those of you who are not sure how to choose the center stone for your engagement ring.

Instead of confusing you more and writing a detailed guide that won’t give you the answer you’re looking for, say hello to a specific and super gorgeous 2 carat cushion cut diamond ring that became very popular in the past decade.

First comes first, what is a cushion cut?

A cushion cut diamond has a shape of a pillow and it is a perfect cut for any engagement ring. The design itself is geometric but the edges are curved and super soft so adding an additional smaller diamond to the setting or combining an elegant wedding band will give the ring an impressive appearance.

While you can choose a different carat weight for the main diamond, we believe that a  two carat diamond makes a real statement without being too over the top (if there is such a thing). This weight gives you a nice volume for the stone but still remains classy and stylish.

What is the difference between size and carat?

The carat of a diamond refers to its weight, while the size only refers to the measurements (width and height), therefore you can find two diamonds with the same carat weight but different sizes and that depends on the way they are cut. On the other hand, you can have two diamonds of the same size, but different carats.

 What about the cost?

Needless to say, the carat weight has a major part in effecting the total price of the diamond – therefore the same stone (color, clarity, shape) with different carat weight will cost accordingly. If you choose a 2-carat cushion cut diamond, know there are certain measurements for the stone that are ideal. We recommend having a 7.34mm x 7.34mm Surface for 2 Carat Diamond.

Cushion cut Vs. Emerald cut diamond

While the emerald cut diamond has its glory and exudes a certain kind of elegance a 2 carat Cushion cut diamond has much more sparkle and a flashier finish. What you will get from a diamond that size and cut will is be for a lifetime. 

By the way, Kim Kardashian had a major influence for the rise in popularity of this amazing cushion cut shape when she got A 15-carat D, flawless cushion-cut diamond for an estimated price of $2 million USD. With the huge publicity that appeared all over the media we see that the demand for this unique cut is increasing rapidly.

No doubt the cushion cut is famous for its stunning shape and overall design.  If you are thinking of surprising the love of your life with a mesmerizing diamond – the cushion cut is most defiantly the right choice for the job.