How to choose flattering jewelry

Jewelry is one of the ways we can decorate our bodies and express our personalities. Imagine a situation where you choose what you think is  the most beautiful piece of jewelry in the jewelry store but when you come home to put it on, you find that it is not as flattering as you thought. We’ll lay down some criteria to consider before purchasing your next piece of jewelry.

Consider your features

If you, or the person you are buying for, has a more narrow structure, it is best to avoid wearing long earrings and rather try something like stud earrings or tight necklaces, such as a choker. For someone with a round face, try wearing jewelry that will soften the face, such as long earrings and a necklace that does not cling to the neck. 

Neck length is also important for choosing a flattering necklace. Women with long necks are recommended to wear tighter chains that will compliment their features. In contrast, a long necklace with a small pendant can also be a beautiful choice. For short-necked women, long and unique necklaces would be a flattering choice.


When buying bracelets and rings, it is important to consider the structure of the palm so that the jewelry you choose will give you the look you want to achieve. Those of you with long fingers can get away with wearing dominant rings with more finger coverage.  For example, wearing a cushion cut diamond ring or a princess cut shape is perfectly fine and can really compliment your fingers.

You can also wear elongated shapes as they compliment the length of the fingers . Women with short fingers will usually wear delicate and narrow rings to give them a more elongated look. Either way, measure the ring and make sure it is  the right size for you. 

To choose a flattering bracelet, consider the width of the wrist.  If you have a thin wrist, you can choose a wide range of fine and delicate bracelets, as well as tennis bracelets, gold / silver beaded bracelets, etc. If you have a wide wrist, you can flaunt thicker and chunkier bracelets. In both cases, it  is important that the bracelet is the correct size so it doesn’t get caught onto something or fall off.

Skin tone

One of the problems with choosing jewelry is that a certain gold metal may not compliment everyone’s skin stone depending on the shade of the gold. Therefore, for women with a light complexion, it is recommended to wear jewelry and pendants made of yellow gold, or rose gold. 

Women with a dark complexion look amazing with bright colored jewelry such as yellow gold or rose gold to beautifully compliment their glowing skin. You’ll be pleased to find that white gold jewelry will compliment all skin tones.

Jewelry for different occasions

Not all of your jewelry is going to look good when worn together. That’s why many people have jewelry that is meant for everyday use and some that is purchased for a specific event, such as a costume party or a fancy nice out. Of course, there are exceptional pieces of jewelry that can be mixed and matched together. The most common types of jewelry that are worn at events will be those that stand out and sparkle from a distance. On any occasion, sparkly tennis bracelets can upgrade every look whether paired with your evening gown, or in your leisure wear.

Harmony between your jewelry pieces

When choosing jewelry, you want to mix and match with pieces that are already in your jewelry closet.  For example, if you have purchased a delicate and modest necklace, you can combine it with a stand out pair of earrings for a complete & stylish look.


Not only is it important to think about how the jewelry item complements our features but also the quality of the raw material from which it is made of. When purchasing diamond decorated jewelry, the existence of the gemological certificate must be present. It is also important to check that the diamond inlay is of high quality.

With all of this in mind, a combination of quality, features, and personal taste will help you choose the perfect pieces of jewelry to add to your collection.