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Completely Colorless. These diamonds are ararity and in high demand. An excellent selectionfor those with no budget or time constraints.


Nearly Colorless. Exhibits an appearance of absolutecolorlessness to the naked eye, making it an excellentchoice for those seeking a perfectly white diamondwithout the necessity of the D color grade.


Colorless. An expert gemologist may detect a subtlehint of color, yet it still maintains its "colorless" grade, signifying a high-quality diamond.


Near Colorless. The top color grade within the near-colorless spectrum, with a subtle hint of color and it provides exceptional value for its quality.


Near Colorless. Exhibiting a hint of color, this is an excellent choice, particularly for those selecting rose gold or yellow gold settings.


Near Colorless. Falling in the middle of the near-colorless category, it has a slightly more noticeable tint compared to H but remains a great choice for various settings.


Near Colorless. With its subtle warm tint, this diamond possesses a unique charm that appeals to those who appreciate the character and inviting warmth of their stones.


Faint. This color grade features a warm tone, often complemented by subtle undertones of gray, brown, or orange. It's an excellent choice for those seeking a medium- warm-toned diamond with unique character and charm.

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Internally Flawless. This diamond boasts the faintest imperfections on its periphery, making it exceptionally rare and challenging to come by. Its flawless interior offers a glimpse into the pinnacle of diamond perfection, making it a truly exceptional treasure for those who seek the utmost in quality and purity.


Very Very Slightly Included 1. This grade signifies the lowest level of internal inclusions, so minimal that even under magnification, they are extremely challenging to detect. These diamonds exemplify an exquisite level of clarity, making them a top choice for those who desire the ultimate in precision and brilliance.


Very very slightly included 2 Small inclusions are present but are exceptionally difficult to detect when examined under 10x magnification.


Very Slightly Included 1. While it may have slightly more inclusions than VVS2, it remains visually clean to the naked eye, offering exceptional value for those who seek a balance between quality and affordability.


Very slight inlcluded 2. It may have slightly more inclusions compared to VS1. They are not visible to the naked eye and will appear completely eye clean.


Slightly Included 1. This clarity grade contains a higher quantity of inclusions, which could potentially be visible to the naked eye in specific diamond shapes and stone options.


Slightly Included 2. This marks the threshold for engagement ring quality. It features inclusions that are visible under 10x magnification and may occasionally be noticeable to the naked eye.


Included 1. This is the initial grade where inclusions become visible to the naked eye. At times, these inclusions can appear dark or cloudy


Included 2. This grade features a higher concentration of inclusions than I1, with a greater number of noticeable imperfections that are visible to the naked eye.


Included 3. This represents the most included category in diamond clarity and is a suitable choice for those seeking the distinctive charm of salt and pepper type diamonds, which feature numerous visible inclusions and unique character.