White gold is very popular among many people that are looking to find a unique yet elegant appearance in their jewelry. The prestigious metal alloy has many characteristics you should know about before purchasing it.  In this guide you will find great tips and important information you should take in consideration when looking at white gold jewelry.

So, what is white gold?

While most of us look at the shiny metal and think to ourselves that it has a diamond color more than gold, the truth it is yellow gold combined with other different metals. When the basic yellow gold is mixed in a proper way, the alloy becomes more durable and sustainable and the white effect comes to life.

The process of making white gold

As mentioned before, the process of creating white gold requires mixing yellow gold with different metals like copper, nickel, silver and others. With each and every single metal we can get a different shaded result that creates the white alloy. Another important factor that affects the finale look of the yellow gold to seem whiter is the amount or proportion between the materials.

The reality indicates that the final product will appear yellowish and in order to create a complete transformation, there is a need to plate it with rhodium. Without this critical stage of plating the gold piece with rhodium, you will not get that glorious famous look for the alloy.

 The rhodium plating also makes the alloy long lasting compare to standard yellow gold.

Is white gold pricy compare to yellow gold?

Well, because of the process and transformation that white gold needs to go through, usually it is more expensive than yellow gold. The 2 main reasons are the type of metal that has been used for the mixture during the process and the fact that the alloy becomes more durable which increases the item’s value.

Additionally, the rhodium coating also has its impact, price wise. It is considered an expensive process that most white gold items must go through.  So, if you are planning to purchase white gold engagement ring for example, expect a higher price if the ring has rhodium coat.

While white gold is more expensive than yellow gold, it is less expensive than platinum. The alloys of both metals indeed look the same, but actually white gold was created as a more affordable alternative to platinum.

Maintenance of white gold

Compare to yellow gold, white gold actually need more attention and maintenance in order to have its bright and shiny color. The alloy needs cleaning once in a couple of months, and the rhodium must be preserved. It is important to say that quality deep cleaning needs to be done by a professional but you can use “do it yourself” methods that can help the overall appearance of white gold engagement rings and other fine jewelry.

White gold is available in 14K and 18K purity. The difference between the two is that 14K white gold is 58.3 pure and 18K is 75% pure.

Why should you choose white gold engagement rings?

The white gold has amazing qualities that makes it affordable, elegant and a unique sparkle to it. If you seek for luxurious look but you prefer not to invest too much money as in platinum, the white gold is a perfect match for you.

Besides that, the color of the metal blends well with other jewelry and it is very fashionable. While having said that, white gold engagement rings are noticeable and super popular among people that would like to emphasize their own style.

If you look for a gorgeous piece that has tons of style combined with elegancy, white gold is definitely the right choice for you and you can look at Nature Sparkles beautiful catalog that will inspire you with other ideas.