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The Shape that takes the Crown for 2020 – Oval diamond

The oval cut diamond is a stylish shape that is both timeless and trendy. The cut has been around for over a century but has seen a recent surge in popularity, partly due to the celebrities rocking the elongated shape. Oval cuts are a modern classic with an overall flattering effect. 

Characteristics of an oval-cut diamond

Oval shaped diamonds are considered to be “brilliant” cuts. The method of cutting and polishing is fundamentally similar to that of a round brilliant diamond. An oval cut has 8 basic facets from the apex to the equatorial region of the diamond also known as the girdle. These 8 facets are polished into sub-facets that are then divided into 24 different parts. Another polish is done on each side of the crown which has 33 facets including the board. Since the geometric shape of this diamond is not round, the light distribution is not equal in all parts of the diamond. However, polishing specific angles allows the light to appear evenly distributed throughout the facets. 

What you should look for in an oval diamond

When selecting an oval, one should consider the proportions between the carat weight and the dimensions of the diamond (length and width) as it will affect the overall look of the shape. Some ovals are chubbier while others are thinner and more elongated. Although it comes down to personal preference, we would recommend a diamond that is not too long, too narrow, or too short. In principle, the ideal ratio between length and width ranges from 1: 1.4 to 1: 1.5. On average, the length of the diamond should be 1.45 times the width of the diamond. Having the right proportions is one of the utmost important components concerning the overall beauty of the diamond. 

Oval cut diamonds are fairly good at hiding imperfections. It’s safe to select a stone with an SI clarity or above. When it comes down to the color, it’s important to note that the color always looks half a degree below that of a round diamond of the same weight. We would recommend selecting a stone with a G color grade or higher. 

Why choose an oval for your jewelry? 

The oval shape is commonly used for fine jewelry pieces, especially for pendants and engagement rings. The main reason is that it is elongated, and has a larger presence than a round diamond of the same carat weight. The shape is also considered to be more unique if you compare it to the classic round brilliant.  

As mentioned earlier, the distribution of light doesn’t compare to the round diamond, as the round cut is the sparkliest shape available but that doesn’t mean that the oval cut doesn’t offer beautiful sparkle and brilliance. The oval shape is flattering on everyone. It’s elegant, refined, and will look larger if you compare it to other shapes. You truly can’t go wrong with this stunning shape. 

Oval diamond engagement rings

If you are thinking of buying an oval diamond engagement ring, we at Nature Sparkle have a selection that includes hundreds of amazing rings, in different sizes and in various styles.

Here is a short list of some of our best selling oval diamond engagement rings:

  • Fiona engagement ring – The Fiona engagement ring is a special ring with a mesmerizing surface. The diamond is 2.09 carats (a very popular size) and is definitely an item with a lot of presence. For those who are looking for a sparkling and shiny oval diamond ring – this is the one! You can purchase the ring itself in any type of gold – yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum.

  • Dior engagement ring – The Dior engagement ring is the reason why the shape of an oval diamond is so coveted and popular. This ring contains a central oval stone in the size of 1 carat but you can easily get confused and think that it is a larger size carat.

Apart from the central stone, the ring itself is adorned with a large number of side diamonds and the sense of prestige is well conveyed. In addition, the ring sells for an amazing price of $ 3,800 and is therefore suitable for almost any budget.

  • Ema engagement ring – This gorgeous ring is surely one of the most impressive engagement rings you can find. The 3-carat diamond will make everyone pay attention to it and dedicate themselves to the shine and spark that comes out of it.

This is a very special ring that like all our rings is hand made and includes (besides the central stone) a number of other side diamonds that bring the total carat weight to 3.23. If you are interested in an extraordinary engagement ring, which radiates feminine power – Ema undoubtedly meets all these parameters.

  • Lola engagement ring – If you dreamed of an oval engagement ring, then Lola is definitely the ring for you. The ring itself holds 3 oval diamonds leaning side by side in a perfect position, with the central diamond being 1 carat in size and the two side diamonds being 0.20 carats each – a total carat weighing 1.40 carats.

The reflection of light in this diamond thanks to its special polish makes it sparkle in the distance and produces a certain uniqueness that belongs exclusively to this ring.

  • Sabrina engagement ring – Meet Sabrina, a unique moval ring. The moval shape is not standard and is actually an oval diamond that is actually elongated. This elongated shape gives a lot of elegance and class and it looks great for someone with long and delicate fingers.

The main diamond is 2.02 carats in size (the most popular size) and with it you will find a beautiful hidden halo that includes a number of small diamonds like the side diamonds on the ring itself.

Like all our rings, you can also choose Sabrina in the type of gold you like, but we recommend combining this amazing diamond with rose gold.

At our site you will find lots of other stunning oval engagement rings, in unique styles and spectacular designs. At any stage we invite you to contact us by email or in our showroom in New York and we will be happy to help and match you with the perfect oval engagement ring especially for you.