Our 1 Carat Cushion Obsession is Real

In recent years, we have seen a rise in popularity of cushion cut diamonds. With their soft rounded edges and their pillowy shape, they look beautiful on any hand. Cushion cut diamonds also disperse the most fire out of any cut diamond. If you love the colorful bursts of light and sparkle, a cushion cut diamond is definitely for you. A 1 carat cushion is the perfect size for finger coverage, sparkle, and beauty while still being reasonably affordable and not too over the top. We’re a huge advocate for 1 carat cushion diamonds. They have risen in popularity and we don’t see them going out of style any time soon.


Things to Note About Cushions

A cushion cut diamond combines a more modern and round brilliant cut pattern diamond with a classic old mine facet pattern diamond cut. Cushions are either a soft square shape or a soft rectangular shape in the case of an elongated cushion. The cushion cut gets its name from its resemblance to a pillow with its square shape and rounded edges. These soft clean lines are what makes a cushion cut so desirable. The best things about a cushion are its brilliance and fire, its durability due to its rounded edges, and its classic yet modern look. Some things you should be aware of are the fact that cushions tend to show color more than other cuts. It is best to choose an H color or higher for a cushion. Cushions also tend to look a bit small for their carat weight and that is why you really shouldn’t go smaller than a 1 carat  for a cushion. 

1 Carat Cushion Engagement Rings We’re Loving Now

Alisa: This ring features a stunning 1 carat elongated cushion cut set on our signature ultra thin solitaire hidden halo setting. The hidden halo adds an extra touch of sparkle to this classic look.


Odette: A delicate 1 carat cushion cut set in our signature solitaire setting. The wider shape gives you more finger coverage for your carat weight. You really can’t go wrong with this simple yet elegant engagement ring.


Daphne: A timeless and romantic shape for an engagement ring. This ring features a beautiful 1.2 carat cushion cut in our signature solitaire prong setting. This classic square shaped cushion is so timeless and would look beautiful on anyone.


Annabella: This is one of our most popular three stone engagement rings. A stunning 1 carat cushion cut is beautifully framed with two delicate 0.30 carat pear shaped side stones. The side stones make the center diamond look even bigger and make the ring sparkle from all angles.


Martina: A gorgeous 1 carat elongated cushion cut with a soft and elegant shape. The diamond is set on our signature solitaire hidden halo setting. A hidden halo adds something special while still keeping the ring classic. 


It’s safe to say we’re a little obsessed with 1 carat cushion engagement rings right now. They are such a timeless look that is bound to make anyone say “wow!” The fire and brilliance make this cut glimmer in the sunlight in a way that is truly impressive. We know you’ll love your cushion cut engagement ring just as much as we do. And if you can’t find the 1 carat cushion cut engagement ring of your dreams, we can make it for you! Email us at sales@naturesparkle.com and we’ll work with you to create the ring you’ll cherish forever.