How to choose a tennis bracelet she will especially love

Having trouble choosing a gift for your loved one? A diamond-studded tennis bracelet is a perfect solution to your dilemma! Diamond-studded tennis bracelets are especially beautiful and luxurious making them a great gift for a birthday, holiday, or any other special occasion. Similar to buying any other diamond jewelry, buying a tennis bracelet can be a little bit daunting.  Especially when it comes down to purchasing a gift for a special someone in your life. Because tennis bracelets are available in a large variety of precious metals and different designs, there are many different styles to choose from but don’t let it overwhelm you. We’re about to break down all the criteria you need in order to select the right one.

So first comes first – What is a tennis bracelet?

A tennis bracelet is a bracelet that consists of small diamonds or gemstones connected by a thin chain of precious metal. As an elegant piece of jewelry, tennis bracelets are usually made of 14ct or 18ct gold. Women all over the world love tennis bracelets, and for good reason. Tennis bracelets are an iconic fashion choice that suits every style. They can dress up a casual outfit or complete a formal look, They radiate luxury, brilliance, and sophistication.

What is the connection between tennis and bracelets?

The name ‘tennis bracelet’ was coined from an amusing historical event that took place in the USA in 1987, when a professional tennis player and fashion icon, Chris Everett, lost her diamond bracelet during a tennis match. Everett asked to pause the game to look for her bracelet, all while the event was being aired live. Ever since thin diamond bracelets have been called “tennis bracelets”.

How to evaluate the quality of a tennis bracelet?

When it comes to evaluating the quality of a diamond-studded tennis bracelet, you will want to pay attention to two factors. The first factor is the type of metal used to make the bracelet and the second, is the beauty of diamonds themselves.

1. The type of metal

Tennis bracelets come in a variety of different metals. The most common tennis bracelets are made with yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold. Each offers its own look & unique style. Not sure what style of metals she likes? Pay attention to the color of the jewelry she wears on a daily basis. Another factor to consider in choosing the gold karat from which the tennis bracelet is made. This will determine its purity & durability. We would typically recommend the 14k option since it is more resistant to damage and will still look great, even after a decade.

2. The beauty of diamonds

When examining the diamonds on a tennis bracelet, it is customary to look at their luster. Luster refers to the light reflection which results in the desired sparkling effect. You should also make sure that the diamonds set in the bracelet look clean, meaning they have no noticeable defects and that the stones appear white against the background of the metal in which they are set. The luster and sparkle of the diamonds are actually what creates that “wow” effect, so it is important to note that they have a presence that cannot be ignored.

3. The size and carat weight of the diamonds

All the diamonds in the tennis bracelet should be very close to the same size. Each diamond will be counted in the total carat weight of the bracelet. Note that the smaller the diamonds, the more diamonds are required to fill the bracelet and vice versa. The larger the diamonds in the bracelet, the fewer they will be.

4. The quality of the diamonds in the bracelet

Color and clarity refer to the quality of the diamonds. The higher the quality of the diamonds, the higher the price of the bracelet.

5. The quality of the inlay

A professionally done diamond inlay ensures that the diamonds stay on the bracelet for a long time without the risk of them loosening.

6. Shape

Most tennis bracelets use round cut diamonds, although there are styles that include other shapes such as radiants, emerald’s, or princess cut diamonds.

How to choose the right tennis bracelet for you or your loved one?

While there are many styles to choose from, you’re likely to never go wrong when choosing a tennis bracelet. Who wouldn’t love a sparkly row of diamonds on their wrist?  If you or your partner tends to wear more simplistic jewelry – A classic single row tennis bracelet is a perfect choice. On the other hand, if you or your S.O love a little extra bling than a 3-row diamond bracelet, might be the appropriate choice.

 In case you still feel unsure about the type of tennis bracelet you would like to purchase, don’t hesitate to contact us.  One of our team members would be more than happy to help you with your decision. Explore more of our fine jewelry options at  Naturesparkle.