Fashionable Diamond Shapes for 2020

Every year a new trend emerges from the diamond realm. For decades, the round shape diamond stayed at the top, being the most popular because of its classic look and the ability to adapt to any style. Whether it has a more classic design or modern. 

While most people tend to be more  conservative with their style, the connection to the round shape is quite obvious. Even though the round shape continues to be one of the most beloved diamond cuts, we’ve been starting to notice a rise in popularity of emerald, radiant and oval shapes. More and more people are looking to purchase one of these stunning diamond shapes, and specifically the elongated variations. 

What is an Elongated Shape?

Some shapes such as emerald and cushion cuts can appear longer and elongate the finger at the same time. For example, an elongated emerald shape is basically a longer and more elegant version of the basic and proportional stone.

Standardly, the most common measurements of cushion cut diamonds have a  length-width ratio of 1-1.05 for the square variations and a ratio of 1.15-1.30 for the rectangular cushion cut diamonds. The elongated version comes in larger length to width ratios. At  the end of the day, it is a matter of personal preference. 

The Emerald Cut Diamond

An emerald shaped diamond is notorious for its geometric shape that immediately captures the eye.  This fancy cut diamond is glorious, and with the right color and clarity we are most definitely talking about one of the most stunning rocks out there.

The same as with every diamond, choosing the perfect size is all about personal taste but there is an average size of  1.10 – 1.70 which is highly recommended. The emerald shape is gorgeous by itself, but an elongated version will be sure to attract admiring glances. 

The Perfect Oval Diamond

The oval shape is truly unique and is famous for being a perfect combination of the classic round shape and distinctive pear shape. If you look at an oval diamond you will see that its elongated shape and two rounded edges  give it an overall sophisticated look.  

The rising trend can be credited to celebrities like Hailey Baldwin who boasts a 10 carat oval diamond engagement ring.  Scarlett Johansson who has an oval diamond worth $400,000 and Blake Lively who has a stunning 12 carat diamond worth $10,000 dollars.  

The Incredible Radiant Diamond

If you feel more connected to square shaped diamonds, there is no doubt that you will love the radiant cut. The radiant cut is a combination of cushion and princess shaped diamonds and will be sure to pop on an engagement ring if it has some beautiful smaller square side stones around it.