The diamond industry has a lot to offer, and searching the perfect diamond for an engagement ring, gold earrings or any other fine jewelry can become a complicated task, especially since the diamond is for someone else.

Additionally, if you don’t have the knowledge about the size of the stone, the shape of it, the clarity, or other many important details, you can quickly get lost. However, there is no need to worry! We are here to guide you throughout the process of selecting a diamond for an engagement ring or any other piece of fine jewelry.

Here are 4 important categories you must consider when
purchasing a diamond:

  • Cut – the “cut” is considered the most important factor by many diamond experts. The reason for this is because it has a critical effect on the beauty of the stone. A common mistake is to think the cut represents the shape of the diamond but actually it refers to the light that passes through the diamond allowing it to shine brightly.

When the cut is ideal, the light should reflect from the top of the diamond, and when it’s a shallow cut the light will leak through the bottom. When you notice that the light leaks from the side that means that it’s a deep cut which holds the “fair” status.

  • Color – As we all know, there are different colors for diamonds and therefor a color scale was made to measure and determine the quality and price according to it. The color scale starts from the letter D (colorlessness diamonds) up until the letter Z which indicates a yellow-brownish color and is a less pricey diamond.
  • Clarity – in order to determine the clarity of a diamond we need to take a look at the clarity scale. The scale measures the flaws in a diamond and the range starts at FL which means “flawless” to I3 “included”. An “inclusion” rate for a stone means that visible flaws are seen by the naked eye/ That being said, if you buy a diamond for an engagement ring you should select something around “flawless” and Vs1 which refers to “very slightly included”.

A diamond ring for women, which is not an engagement ring, can hold a simpler and less pricy stone. Anything between VS2 to SI3 can definitely be clear enough and still doesn’t include a large amount of investment.

  • Carat – a size of a diamond is measured by carats, a higher number represents a larger sized stone. It takes a large investment to be on the top of all the scales. This is where you compromise, if you need to choose what is more important, most experts will advise you to go for clarity and compromise on the size of the diamond.

In summary, if we want to rate all the entire parameters in order to take the perfect decision, the “cut” most be top priority, clarity and color comes next and at the bottom of our rating scale we would choose the carat.

Choosing diamond ring for women or even simpler items as earrings or bracelets demands from you to make an efficient and effective research, set your budget right from the start and of course aim for her taste in jewelry.