Searching for the perfect engagement ring can be a complicated task. In order to make the best choice we recommend sticking with the classic designs: solitaire, halo, vintage and classic. The ring should definitely reflect who you are as a person, but it also should have the right style that will make you want to wear it for years to come. That’s why many of us choose classic designs for engagement rings.  Before we go ahead and present you with our top 5 classic rings, let’s elaborate on what makes it a timeless piece. 

Detailed explanation of classic engagement rings

Often times when thinking of a classic ring, we immediately imagine a solitaire. Meaning a ring with a simple band and the diamond. This type of setting allows for the diamond to take centre stage. If you are looking for a timeless ring, solitaire and classic engagement rings can be an amazing option.  It is no secret that the most popular and traditional shape is the round cut diamond due to its unparalleled sparkle, however, you can always explore different shapes. Many are opting for more unique and modern shapes such as an oval, pear, or cushion cut. 

Besides the shape of the diamond, you should take into consideration the color of the engagement ring’s setting.  The choice is 100% a personal preference. Up until not so long ago, you could see that yellow gold was the main player in the market, but recently there is a new star – white gold. Rose gold and platinum are also on the rise.  

Five most desirable engagement rings


This ring is a perfect example of being both classic and modern. The star of the show is a stunning 1-carat radiant shape diamond, one of the sparkliest shapes out there. The diamond is set in a two- tone setting. The white gold prongs ensure the brightness of the centre stone and the yellow gold band provides the desired pop of color.


This oval engagement ring will never go out of style. Oval cut diamonds are definitely a most requested shape as of late. Its elongated silhouette is extremely flattering on the hand.  The ring is complete with pave detailing adding just the right amount of sparkle. 


The list wouldn’t be complete without a three stone engagement ring. Three stone engagement rings are also known as past, present and future rings. Representing the stages of your relationship. Annabella has a gorgeous 1-carat cushion cut diamond at its center, accompanied by two dainty and sweet, pear cut side stones. 


This ring is indeed one of our best sellers. The oval diamond is truly breathtaking set with a diamond pave band that gives it an extra sophisticated look. Like all of our rings, it can be created with the gold metal of your choice. 


For those of you who love a halo, this ring just might be the one. Calliope features a 2- carat radiant cut diamond with a seamless diamond halo around the center stone. The band is complete with pave diamonds giving it that extra touch of sparkle.

When shopping for classic engagement rings, make sure you do your research. There are so many fantastic rings out there to explore. The one that is meant for you is out there.