The beauty of Round Brilliant Diamonds

Round brilliant rings have always been a popular choice for engagement rings. They’re fire and brilliance really make them stand out and make them an excellent choice for an engagement ring. Round brilliant diamonds can be worn in so many different ways with so many different styles. They are arguably one of the most versatile diamond cuts.

The history behind the cut

This type of diamond cut is without a doubt one of the most analyzed and studied diamond cuts. The round brilliant cut goes back 500 years , but in 1919 the more recognizable round brilliant was created by Marcel Tolkowsky. Before this time, European cut diamonds and rose diamonds were the most famous round diamond styles.

Marcel Tolkowsky used his vast mathematical knowledge to create a shape and cut which would optimize the fire and brilliance of the diamond. People were amazed by this new cut of diamond. Later on, improvements were made with laser technology as well as computer modeling. This cut shows off the maximum amount of fire, light dispersion as well as brilliance which can’t be equaled by other cuts.The 57 facets really make the diamond sparkle.

Why we love a round brilliant

A round brilliant is a super versatile style. It can be worn in so many different ways. You can have different shaped side stones or wear it alone on a solitaire band. They look amazing super small, medium sized, and huge. Any size round brilliant will have tons of sparkle. Because if it’s round shape, round brilliants are also the perfect choice for someone who is super active. The round shape with no pointy edges is unlikely to get caught on things and it’s also less likely to chip or break.

In addition to all of these benefits, the unique degree of brilliance and fire also helps to conceal minor flaws within the diamond.  Because of its many facets and brilliance, minor flaws won’t be noticeable at all. This gives you flexibility in your budget so that you can opt for a lower clarity grade diamond in order to size up on carat weight. Its an excellent choice for couples who are looking for an impressive diamond without the astronomical price tag.

What setting to choose for a round brilliant

There are so many  types of settings that would work with a round brilliant and it’s important to know your options. A four prong setting is perfect for optimizing the amount of light that can enter the stone and really make it sparkle. This is because it leaves more open space around the diamond. If you choose a larger carat weight, you should opt for a six prong setting for added security. We recommend this for anything larger than a 2 carat if you’re worried about the security of the diamond. Another option for a larger round brilliant is a bezel setting. This ensures the diamond is super secure and looks cool and modern. 


We love a round brilliant engagement ring. There’s a reason they are the most sold diamond cut for engagement rings. Their classic look has stood the test of time for centuries and we don’t see this style ever going away.