What not to do in the process of buying an engagement ring

While there are so many guides with helpful information and many jewelers that can provide you with information on how to purchase an engagement ring, we have compiled a list of things not to do when searching for an engagement ring. We want to provide you with the best information on what not to do to prevent you from making any mistakes while making this expensive purchase.

Do not start the process without setting a budget

The amount of engagement rings on the market is certainly impressive, but it can be very overwhelming. Setting a budget narrows down your options and gives you a realistic perspective on what you can afford. Going in without a budget will make the process of shopping extremely daunting and cause you to look at rings that may be too expensive or you may not find all the options available to you.
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Do not purchase without a warranty or certificate

A common mistake buying engagement rings with no warranty and no gemological certificate. When buying any expensive jewelry, make sure it has a warranty so that you are covered in case anything gets scratched or a diamond falls out. Its also important to get a gemological certificate to prove that your diamond is a real diamond and have a detailed description of the specifications of the diamond. The certificate also defines what the diamond is worth so do no purchase any diamond that does not come with a certificate.

Do not forget to check the return policy

In some cases, people purchase a ring and it ends up not being the correct style or color gold for the recipient of the ring. Do not purchase a ring that does not have any return or exchange policy in case this happens. You don’t want to be stuck with a ring that she doesn’t love in the end.

Do not forget to take in to consideration the style of the bride 

When buying a ring, you might think a particular style of ring is nice, but you must take in to consideration the style of the person who will receive the ring. Do not purchase a ring without first talking to the friends of the bride or even ask the bride herself what she wants to make sure it will be absolutely perfect for her. Pay attention to what color jewelry she wears and if her style is more simple or more out there to get a sense of what will be perfect.

Do not forget to get recommendations on the store / seller

Before purchasing an engagement ring, it is important to get opinions from friends or acquaintances who have recently purchased a piece of jewelry. You can also read reviews online for different jewelers to get a sense of how satisfied people were with their service and the quality of their jewelry.

Do not buy something just because its trendy

When buying a ring, you have to take into account that she will probably wear this ring for the rest of her life or at least until you purchase an upgrade many years down the line. Make sure you are not just buying something because it seems to be a popular style at the moment. You should choose a ring that represents the personal style of the recipient of the ring.

Do not wait for the last minute

This is probably the most important. You want the proposal to be absolutely perfect, but you cannot propose without a ring. Once you know you’d like to propose, that is when you should start ring shopping. It may take much longer than you think to find the perfect ring or you may want to have something custom made which will usually take a few weeks. Make sure you have the ring or have ordered the ring you want before you start planning all of the other details because after all, the ring is the part of the proposal she will carry with her forever!