Wedding bands that pair well with your engagement ring

Shopping for an engagement ring can be quite a complicated task. There are many things you need to take in consideration while purchasing the special ring. First of all you need to choose to main stone and determine what is the shape, carat, color and clarity. After that, you need to match the type of metal to the center stone and you can choose from yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver and ct.

Except those regular elements you must pay attention too, you can also choose from a verity of wedding bands that will complete the over look of your gorgeous engagement ring. The band itself is ring without a main stone and usually it has several smaller diamonds mounted to it. By having a wedding band you create a prestige look that everyone around you will notice.

The quality of the band

In order to make sure you purchase high quality wedding band, you should really go on a market research and meet with some trusted and well known jewelers. Most people assume that when you purchase a quality ring from a trusted jeweler it means that they will have to spend a lot money – well that’s not the case.

Purchasing from a trusted business gives you a certificate of authenticity and guarantee that the ring is high quality. Another important factor you should know of when buying a wedding ring from a known jeweler is that you get a non-conflict diamond or in other words an ethical diamond.

Type of metal: gold, platinum or silver?

Choosing the perfect metal for you depends on your own personal taste, but after a lot of experience in this area we can say that gold is the most popular metal and that is because it can really match any style of diamond. Platinum is mostly common with men, and this metal is quite heavy and strong. Last but not least is silver which is most of the times the affordable option and doesn’t cost as much as the other types of metals.

And what about matching the style?

As we purchase a wedding band we definitely think of matching it to the engagement ring. You should always think of the stone size and shape so it can really have a matching style with the main stone. Other than that, if you chose a specific color of metal, it is recommended to get the wedding ring with the same type of metal.

Besides the fact that you should match the styles between the engagement and wedding ring, you can think of also matching the style to your partners ring. Also, while you can choose to get a plain ring, you have the option to mount diamonds into it or even gems, either way always remember that the band shouldn’t take the spot light from the engagement ring.

In case you haven’t decided on the wedding band you want to get, we offer you a verity of stunning hand crafted rings that we make here at Nature Sparkle. All you need to do is browse around and you will definitely find the one for you and your partner.