Vintage engagement rings – love with a taste from the past

August, 16, 2020
vintage engagement rings

For brides looking for something out of the ordinary, it would be worthwhile to consider a vintage style engagement ring. Not only will it carry a unique charm, but vintage engagement rings are also usually less expensive. The artistic appeal and extra sentimental value definitely plays its part.

What is a vintage engagement ring? 

Vintage style jewelry reflects a specific period in time such as the Edwardian period, the Victorian era and the Art Deco period. Antique-style collectible jewelry is often characterized by inlaying stones using delicate techniques called milgrain and filigree. These are two popular techniques used to create retro, vintage style jewelry.

Milgrainic engraving is a decoration that gives the ring an antique look with tiny metal balls adorning the band and the crown of the ring. Filigree is another type of delicate metal work that includes metal beads or metal wires that are twisted along the entire hoop of the ring.

Why should I choose an antique style engagement ring for my future wife?

Antique style engagement rings are eye-catching because of their non-standard design, their special ornaments and their classic look. As a timeless piece of jewelry, a vintage engagement ring is something that many women cherish and often even pass on for generations. That being said, many are choosing to repurpose these pieces into something slightly more modern.

What is the difference between a vintage style engagement ring and a truly antique engagement ring?

An antique engagement ring refers to a ring that is over 50 years old while a  vintage style engagement ring can be both a ring from 50 years ago or a ring with a vintage design. Some jewelers also use the term vintage engagement ring to describe a ring designed so that it can look like it is taken from another era. For example Georgian engagement ring designs are creating a buzz in 2020.
If you are looking for the most unique and charming vintage rings, ask to see rings made before 1950.

What is important to know when looking for a vintage engagement ring

While you may be tempted to purchase a truly vintage ring, there are some things you should be aware of.  First and foremost vintage rings rarely come with a legitimate gemological certificate for the diamond, therefore you may have to do your own research to make sure you are purchasing a quality diamond.

Second, it can be challenging to understand the condition of the ring. Does the ring securely hold the diamond? Are the prongs tight enough? Like any ring, you may want to get it checked out to make sure everything is legitimate and in proper condition.

Lastly , when it comes to ownership, a real vintage ring may not give you the best value. Do you pay solely for the fact that the jewel is 40 years old? Do you pay for 18ct gold when you actually get an engagement ring made of 14ct gold? For these specific reasons, we recommend purchasing new engagement rings that are designed with an antique vintage style.  Many quality suppliers offer stunning engagement rings in the motifs of yesteryear so that you can achieve the same beautiful vintage look without worrying about the quality, wear and durability of an actual antique piece of jewelry.

What makes an engagement ring a vintage ring?

The style and design of a ring is typically what makes a ring “vintage”. In general, if you are looking for a vintage engagement ring, what you are actually looking for by definition is a modern vintage style engagement ring.

If you are imagining a simple vintage engagement ring, you are probably looking for a design from 1940- 1960. However, most of the other vintage designs tend to be more ornate.

If your partner visits different stores, she may prefer an old ring over a vintage-inspired modern one. Check out antique stores and ask family members to show you rings they would like to pass on by inheritance.

Vintage engagement rings often combine aspects of styles from several different periods, which combine them into something new. There are vintage-inspired engagement rings that also incorporate modern design aspects.

Here at Naturesparkle you can get a beautiful vintage engagement ring that combines with the modern era. The beauty about this special combination is simply the fact that you’re getting a timeless piece.

If you prefer to make some changes with a specific design you have seen in our catalog, you are always welcome to reach out to us and let us know how to create your dream vintage inspired engagement ring.


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