Timeless Engagement Ring Styles

October, 18, 2022
Timeless Engagement Ring Styles

Popping the question is a special occasion, and so is choosing your engagement ring. Choosing timeless engagement ring styles should be an absolute priority because you want a classic, timeless piece that isn’t subject to fashion trends. The true essence of a timeless ring is something that your partner and yourself can love for a lifetime. 


How do we find timeless engagement ring styles for fine jewelry? We start by looking at the diamond cut. 


Come with us as we explore a few timeless engagement ring styles to make looking for one a lot easier. 


Things to Know Before Purchasing a Diamond

Before we dive into the different cuts of diamonds, we need to understand what influences the price of diamonds. Six main factors influence a diamond’s price: color, clarity, carat, cut, shape, and fluorescence. 



The more colorless a diamond is, the more expensive it will be. You can expect to pay about 10% more when searching for a near-colorless diamond.



Clarity refers to the quality and visual appearance (inclusions) and any other surface defects  (blemishes) of the diamond. The more clear and rare a stone is, the more it will cost. 



Diamond carat weight refers to how much a diamond weighs. A metric carat is milligrams. 



The cut does not refer to the actual shape of (round, oval, or pear). It refers to the diamond’s facets, dimensions, symmetry, and reflective abilities.



The shape of a diamond refers to its actual shape. Shape contributes a lot to the price of a diamond because the more you cut away from the stone, the more expensive it’ll be. 



Fluorescence is the glow you see when you expose the diamond to ultraviolet (UV) rays. This is sometimes used as an identifying characteristic and not a performance characteristic, making it neither good nor bad. Fluorescence is beneficial for diamonds in the lower color range, making them appear a shade whiter.


Different Cuts of Diamond

The real star of the show in a ring is the diamond. We’ll look at a few different cuts that offer a timeless look and feel. There are many different timeless engagement rings shapes that are loved for their simple beauty and their ability to adapt to the times and trends. 


Round Cut

A round-cut diamond is the go-to diamond and is very popular for wedding rings and engagement rings. It’s also the most expensive diamond. This is because a large part of the diamond has to be removed to achieve its round look. 


A round-cut diamond has 58 facets. Facets are the flat surfaces on the diamond that allow sparkling in the light. The facets of a diamond can increase the price of a diamond.

Cushion Cut 

Cushion-cut diamonds are shaped like squares and look very similar to cushions because they have cut corners. They’re also timeless because they come from a vintage shape. 


The cushion cut diamond can be elongated and is called an elongated cushion-cut diamond. If you’re struggling to choose between the two, then you’re in luck. There might be a price difference of between 25% to 50% more when it comes to the two. The only time a price difference will come into play is when you buy a bigger carat size. 

Princess Cut 

Princess cut diamonds have a sharper square shape. These are perfect if you’re looking for minimalist engagement rings or are on a budget and looking for something less expensive than a round-cut diamond ring. Although these are not the most costly, they’re still pricey. If you’re looking for something more affordable,  you should look into rectangular or irregular shapes. 


Princess-cut diamonds have solid lines and look more like a pyramid because of the four beveled sides. This design was invented in 1980 and adds to the timeless feel we’re looking for and fits beautifully on timeless engagement rings

Oval Cut 

With this cut of diamond, you’ll definitely need an oval diamond guide to help you make a good choice because there are different depth levels. 


Let’s skip the complications and focus on the beauty of this cut. An oval cut diamond is the extended version of a brilliant round cut. This diamond cut dates back to the 1960s and is perfect for anyone looking for a timeless engagement ring but also something a little more unique. 


You can also find horizontal oval diamond rings, which can also be an excellent alternative. 

Emerald Cut 

Emerald cut diamonds are typically made up of 57 facets. They’re very similar to elongated cushion-cut diamonds, and the two are sometimes used interchangeably. This cut makes a bold statement and is perfect if that’s what you’re looking for. The emerald cut diamond is ideal for creating a bold yet timeless statement and looks amazing on timeless engagement rings.

Radiant Cut 

A radiant cut diamond is similar in silhouette to an emerald cut diamond, and is one of the more affordable, even though a large portion of the diamond is being cut away. Due to the radiant cut’s 70 facets in its pavilion and crown, it offers impressive brilliance, making it a great choice if you want a nonround diamond with beautiful sparkle.

Asscher Cut 

This is also very similar to an emerald-cut diamond, but this one is referred to as a square emerald shape. These cuts usually have 50 or 58 facets and cut corners for light to easily enter the diamond. The beautiful thing about this cut is that it gives the diamond larger step facets and has a unique high crown. 

Pear Cut 

The pear-cut diamond embodies elegance with its teardrop appearance. Pear-cut diamonds are very affordable and appear larger than brilliant round diamonds with the same carat weight. This is perfect if you’re looking for something affordable but still makes a statement.

How to Choose a Timeless Engagement Ring Style

Many factors go into looking for timeless engagement rings. The first thing we suggest you look at is your budget. Having a budget helps you ensure that you don’t overspend. 


You also need to know and understand your partner’s preferences. This ensures that you get the right ring for your spouse-to-be and something they’ll love wearing. 


Another great tip is to look at timeless engagement rings that are simple yet elegant and can easily adapt to changing trends and styles. Another option to consider is visiting your nearest antique store to look for something more “original” and rare. This might not be the most conventional route and in some cases, you might have to pay a bit more, as some antiques come with a hefty price tag. However, you’re getting a more exclusive piece of jewelry with a bit of history behind it. 



An engagement ring is meant to be a timeless piece that will remind you of your commitment. Each cut is unique and made to suit different personalities and styles, but choosing the right cut will make the occasion even better. If you want your ring to be timeless, it not only has to have a design that can adapt to the trends but also be able to stand the test of time, physically. Don’t just opt for a timeless cut such as a 1-carat radiant diamond ring or a 2-carat elongated cushion cut, but also a band that is durable and strong. The thought of getting the right timeless engagement ring may be daunting at first, but reading this blog post, It will make the process a little easier, more fun, and more memorable.

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