Our Top Trending Rose Gold Styles for 2021

Rose gold jewelry has been popping up everywhere in the past few years. It seems to be an increasingly popular choice for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and engagement rings. While nowhere near as popular as white gold or yellow gold jewelry, rose gold  jewelry is becoming super on trend. If you’re intrigued by rose gold, read more to find out.

What is Rose Gold?

Even if you are familiar with rose gold, you may still be wondering what it is. Rose gold is an alloy made from a combination of pure gold and copper. The combination of copper and gold creates the color of rose gold jewelry. There is no such thing as a solid gold ring since gold is too soft of a material to wear on its own. White gold and yellow gold are also an alloy made of different materials. For example, the most common alloy of rose gold is 75 percent pure gold to 25 percent copper which creates 18k rose gold. A bit of silver may also be added for a more pink hue of rose gold. The higher the percentage of pure gold, the higher the karat of gold the jewelry will be. This also affects the color of the gold. 18k rose gold will be slightly darker than 14k rose gold. 

Benefits of Choosing Rose Gold

Rose gold is such a unique look. It’s perfect for someone that wants to stand out in a way that isn’t over the top. Rose gold can still be simple, dainty, and feminine, but it makes someone want to take a closer look and admire one’s jewelry. Rose gold is so unexpected and can work for so many different styles. You can style it in a Boho way by stacking and layering bands and necklaces with many different diamond shapes, or style it in a super modern and minimal way by wearing thin single chain bracelets and necklaces with a single diamond and solitaire or pave rings with more modern shapes like emeralds and radiants. The possibilities for styling rose gold are endless. Rose gold also adds lots of warmth to your skin tone. Because of the warm hue, it brings out the warm colors in your skin. It can bring out the blush tones in pale skin and make darker skin look extra glowy.

Downsides of Rose Gold

While there are so many amazing qualities to  rose gold, there are a few things you need to consider when choosing rose gold jewelry. Because of its high copper content which gives it its color, rose gold is not hypoallergenic. If you have an allergy or sensitivity to copper, rose gold may irritate your skin. Another thing to consider when choosing rose gold is what other jewelry you have to pair it with. If you own only yellow gold jewelry, rose gold isn’t the best option to pair with yellow gold. When paired together, they tend to clash because of their warm tones. The only way to pair rose gold with yellow gold is if you mix in some white gold or silver to your jewelry stack to create an intentional mixed metals look.

Our Top Rose Gold Jewelry


Aubrie: This 1.20 carat rose gold engagement ring with a pear diamond is the perfect amount of sparkle and simplicity. We love this ring paired with an array of stacking bands for a glam rose gold look.

Venus: An intricate & graceful design. This 1.05 carat oval diamond is surrounded by sparkly accent diamonds on each side of the focal oval diamond. This ring has a timeless look without being too basic. We love this paired with our curved pave band for the perfect fit.

Ruby: This beauty is a uniquely sophisticated 1.20 carat oval diamond set in a sparkling & bold 0.40 carat pave diamond split shank setting. This ring is luxe and reminiscent of a vintage heirloom. The rose gold color of this ring really softens the look of a split shank setting and lets the diamonds shine. 

Rylee: We love a halo design. A halo can make your center stone appear much larger than it already is. This 1.28 carat oval diamond is surrounded with a breathtaking 0.17 carat pave diamond halo. The band is left solitaire, leaving the focus on the beauty of the center stone. This two tone look really makes the diamond and the rose gold band stand out on their own and create a beautifully designed ring.


Pave Diamond Bracelet: Round brilliant diamonds are beautifully set on a delicate rose gold bracelet. The perfect accessory to be worn alone or stacked with multiple diamond and rose gold bracelets.

Marquise Single Diamond Bracelet: The perfect accessory. This single diamond set on a dainty gold chain is so beautiful you won’t want to take it off. It’s perfect for everyday wear or for formal events. It also looks great stacked with all of our other single diamond bracelets with various diamond shapes and colors.


1.5 mm Band: Our 1.5 mm band is the perfect stacking accessory. It can be worn as a wedding band, stacked with other bands for a multi layered look, or even worn above the knuckle as a midi ring. This super slim band is super versatile and chic and will complete any stacking look.

Pave Eternity Band: A thin, classic and sparkly band. Micro- pave round brilliant diamonds of equal size decorate the band on all sides. This ring pairs beautifully with a diamond engagement ring, as a stack, or simply on its own. We love wearing multiple pave eternity bands on a few fingers for a look that is not only super glam but also very on trend.

If you couldn’t tell, we love rose gold jewelry. It’s such an easy way to achieve a unique look without going too crazy in the design of a piece of jewelry. We believe that rose gold jewelry is here to stay.

Ruby ring
Aubrie ring