Most Popular Shapes for Engagement Rings 2021

There are so many diamond cuts to choose from  when buying an engagement ring. There are also so many things to consider when choosing a shape for your engagement ring diamond. When choosing a diamond shape, you have to ask yourself some questions. Will it look good on my hand? Will I  still be happy with my choice many years from now? Is this shape and carat weight practical for my lifestyle? Does the shape of diamond match my style and other jewelry I own? Is this my forever ring or will I upgrade to something else in the future? We’re here to help you find the best diamond shape for you. Here are our most popular diamond shapes for engagement rings and why you should choose them.


This is our best selling diamond shape. An oval will never go out of style. Oval diamonds elongate your finger and its many facets make it a super sparkly choice for your engagement ring. Oval diamonds tend to look larger for their carat weight so you get more bang for your buck. Smaller ovals also hide unwanted color really well so if you choose a 1-1.5 carat oval diamond you can choose a lower color grade. Ovals are also great at hiding inclusions because they have many facets. 

Our best selling ovals:

Yara: The diamond speaks for itself. A breathtaking 1.5 carat oval center stone set in our signature ultra thin solitaire setting. This ring is delicate and full of elegant simplicity.


Ale: A Nature Sparkle solitaire 1.8 carat oval cut engagement ring. Set in a classic four prong delicate setting with a slender band. This diamond has a larger appearance while staying relatively affordable. It looks similar to a 2 carat without the 2 carat price tag.

Anita: A tasteful & minimal design. This 1 carat solitaire combines the beauty of an oval and a marquise shaped diamond. It’s narrow, elongated shape makes it extremely flattering on the hand.


The cushion cut diamond has been around for 200 years but has been rising in popularity and we don’t see them going out of style any time soon. The cushion cut gets its name from its resemblance to a pillow with its square shape and rounded edges. These soft clean lines are what makes a cushion cut so desirable. The best things about a cushion are its brilliance and fire, its durability due to its rounded edges, and its classic yet modern look.

Our best selling cushions:

Annabella: One of our most popular three stone engagement rings. A stunning 1 carat cushion cut is beautifully framed with two delicate 0.30 carat pear shaped side stones.

Daphne: A timeless and romantic shape for an engagement ring. This ring features a beautiful 1.2 carat cushion cut in our signature solitaire prong setting.

Ava: A romantic shape with a modern feel. A 1.7 carat elongated cushion cut diamond is set among a delicate 4 prong solitaire setting. This ring features a hidden halo for an extra surprise element.


Round Brilliant

The round brilliant is the best at refracting light than any other diamond. This is what makes the diamond super sparkly and what gives a round brilliant its name. They are the most brilliant of any other diamond. 75% of all diamonds sold are round brilliant diamonds so it’s safe to say they’re super popular. They also hide tints of unwanted color and inclusions really well because they have so many facets.

Our best selling round brilliants:

Rebecca: A stunning 1.50 carat round brilliant diamond set in a dazzling triple diamond paved setting in 14k white gold. This ring sparkles from every angle.


Aisha: A Nature Sparkle bridal set. This majestic 1.55 carat round brilliant diamond is set in a 6 prong, 14k yellow gold setting to give it a hexagonal like shape. The round brilliant cut is paired with our signature 0.25 carat pave wedding band.

Maeve: An appealing 1 carat, round brilliant diamond appears to float above a pave set, diamond band. This ring features diamond accented prongs and a striking hidden halo.

cushion shape
round shape