Modern square cut engagement rings with a classic style

There are so many different styles of engagement rings to choose from and so many different diamond cuts to choose from that you may not know where to start. Each different style evokes a different feeling, look, and aesthetic. You may be drawn to so many different styles that you have no idea what look is right for you. Let us make a case for the square cut engagement ring. There are many different cuts that fall into the category of square cut engagement rings, but they all have one thing in common. Square cut engagement rings are hands down the ultimate modern cool girl style. The clean lines of a square cut diamond scream elegant, modern, and polished and will definitely turn heads. It’s no wonder celebrities like Beyonce and Sofia Vergara have chosen these on trend styles. Here’s the breakdown of the most popular square cut diamond shapes and what we love about them.


A radiant  cut diamond is known for its sharp clean lines, mega sparkle, and perfectly crisp appearance. This is definitely one of our favorite square cut diamonds. You can recognize a radiant by its flat edges, crushed ice look, and it’s perfectly square or rectangular shape with tiny cropped corners. The shape of the diamond is similar to an emerald cut but with the facets of a round brilliant. It’s perfect if you love maximum sparkle but are interested in a square cut diamond. Here are our favorite radiant cut diamonds:

Katia: This perfect 1.38 carat radiant is demure, modern, and has tons of sparkle. With just four pave diamonds on each side of the center stone, this ring offers a unique little detail and is sure to remain a timeless classic.

Amber: This 2 carat radiant is modern, elegant, and simple in the best way. The triple prongs on each corner hug the radiant’s slight cropped corners and make for a super unique look. You can’t go wrong with any solitaire ring and the prongs make this solitaire extra special. 


If you are looking for a square cut diamond with a softer appearance, a cushion cut diamond is the way to go. A cushion has a similar crushed ice effect to a radiant except instead of sharp clean lines, the edges are rounded like a pillow. There are some cushions with super rounded edges that almost look round or there are some with very slight rounded edges that you might even mistake for a radiant. Cushions are one of the oldest diamond cuts and have been popular for many years. Cushions seem to be super popular among millennials who are engagement ring shopping. Here are some of our favorite cushions:

Marcella: This stunning 2.29 carat cushion set on a pave band would make anyone say I do. It’s extra sparkly and just the perfect size to look great on any finger and simple enough to stack with tons of diamond bands.

Rowan: We love a three stone ring. Something about it is so glam and classy. Our 3.20 carat Rowan ring features a cushion cut center stone with two round brilliant side stones. This ring is reminiscent of Megan Markle’s engagement ring from Prince Harry so it’s no wonder we’re obsessed.


A princess cut diamond is known for its square shape, brilliance, and fire. It is designed like an inverted pyramid which gives you a unique triangular illusion when you look at the diamond. The princess cut diamond accounts for 30% of diamond sales and it makes sense why they’re so popular. This diamond cut was created in the 1970’s but still remains a modern classic. This diamond looks sleek on anyone and with any type of setting. These rings are definitely fit for a princess:

Diana: A truly unique engagement ring. This ring features a gorgeous 2 carat princess cut with tons of  round brilliant accent diamonds on each side like a pave band but better. We love the juxtaposition of the sharp edges of the princess diamond and the softness of the round brilliants. 

Amory: Bring on the bling with this breathtaking princess cut diamond, complete with a shimmery pave hidden halo setting. We love a pave setting with any diamond to really make it pop and we love how the prongs accentuate the super crisp square shape of this 2.11 carat princess. We love this ring with different stacking bands or worn alone. It’s such a versatile look.


The asscher cut diamond is a super unique square cut diamond that flew under the radar for a while, but has begun rising in popularity. We predict that the asscher cut will become super popular in the next few years. The asscher cut is very similar to an emerald cut diamond except that it is square. It has a step cut design that meets in the middle similar to a pyramid shape. Although it is known as a square cut diamond, it is actually more of an octagonal shape due to its cropped corners. These corners aren’t really seen once it is set in a piece of jewelry because of the prongs. Here is an asscher beauty that is trending right now:

Paz: We are in love with this three stone asscher cut diamond ring. This beautiful 3 carat center stone pairs perfectly with these elegant tapered baguette side stones. These three diamonds all create a hall of mirrors effect making this ring incredibly unique and modern. 

It’s safe to say we love a square cut diamond. We see them rise in popularity each day with so many diamond shoppers opting for square cut diamonds more and more. You can really achieve so many different looks with a square cut diamond and it works for any style. At Nature Sparkle, we want to help you find your dream ring. Got any questions about square cut diamonds? Email us at and we’ll help you create your dream ring whether it’s with a square diamond or any other diamond shape.