How to Distinguish Between a Real Diamond and a Fake One?

It can be difficult for anyone to discern the difference between a real diamond and a fake one. Especially, if you don’t have basic knowledge about diamonds in the first place. Diamonds have unique properties and are known to be one of the most durable materials in nature. One of the many reasons they are so popular.  In addition, their ability to reflect light is unparalleled. Moissanite’s for example, exhibit a different kind of sparkle due to their faceting structure. 

Every material in nature has a refractive index, which determines the behavior of light within. It can also be known as the speed of light. The faster a particular substance reflects light, the less it will sparkle. On the other hand, the faster the speed of light within the same material, the more light the human eye can absorb. In other words, because the light reflection inside the diamond is delayed, our eye can see more light for a limited time. This feature is the most prominent and is also a reason why diamonds are the most popular for engagement rings. Additionally, examining a diamond’s brilliance is a way to distinguish between a natural diamond and a fake one.

Another deciphering feature is the stone’s hardness. As mentioned above, diamonds are an excellent choice for daily wear due to their proven durability.  Testing this can be difficult once the diamond is already set, however, if the diamond is loose, you can try rubbing it with sandpaper or attempt to scratch the diamond with a knife or another sharp object. If a scratch is present it is likely that the stone is not a diamond. 

The third factor in determining a diamond’s authenticity is the polish. Diamonds are difficult to polish and the only way to polish them is by using a special powder that is also made of diamonds. Therefore, all diamond polishes are extremely sharp and can be identified using a magnifying lens. You can also polish all the wigs and areas in a diamond, while with other stones there are areas that cannot be polished (ie. the roundest area). 

Examining all three features listed above can help you determine if the diamond is real or fake. It is important to consider that there are cases where these three features are not enough, especially when diamonds are already set. That being said, there is a special electronic device that can check the elements of the diamond. There are several devices available on the market, and the differences between them are due to the level of accuracy. There is a device that allows us to know if we have a diamond or a different stone such as zirconia, moissanite, quartz, etc. The advantage of this device is that it can examine diamonds already set in an engagement ring. 

There are other means by which diamonds can be identified, such as a special fluorescent bulb, various preparations, etc. However,  it is always advisable to consult an expert before any purchase of a diamond-studded engagement ring. If you are thinking of purchasing a diamond engagement ring we recommend consulting with our experts here at Nature Sparkle. With many years of experience and lots of happy customers, we’re sure we can help you find the ring of your dreams.