Five Situations to Take Your Engagement Ring Off

Without a doubt, being proposed to will be one of the happiest moments of your life. It’s a roller coaster of emotions from the second your partner gets down on one knee and is one of life’s milestones that is full of love and pure bliss. 

Once you put on that shiny engagement ring, the only thing you can think of is how beautiful it is on your hand and how powerful a symbol it is. Your engagement ring represents your entire relationship and the future you will share together. 

Needless to say, besides the fact that you just received a gorgeous piece of bling, you now have an item with sentimental value that you should keep safe at all times.

We’ve come up with a list of reasons where it’s worth it to momentarily part ways with your engagement ring in order to avoid the risk of it being damaged. 


Every home needs to be cleaned from time to time, and by doing so, we often use a variety of cleaning products. We highly recommend taking off your engagement ring when you decide to clean and the reason is because those harsh chemicals can damage the metal or stain the diamond.

Another reason to avoid wearing your engagement ring while cleaning is that it can easily slip down the drain in the midst of scrubbing the shower or bathroom sink. That leads us to the next situation where you should avoid wearing your ring.

Shower Time

While some will say that it is alright to shower with your diamond ring, we would have to disagree. Each and every one of us uses different shower products such as body soaps, oils, shampoos and conditioners.

Although these products are wonderful for your skin and hair, they are not so fabulous for your engagement ring. Using soap can also  easily be a reason your precious ring slides from your finger straight into the water drain.

Think it can never happen to you? Well, you would be surprised how many people said that and had a completely different experience.

Beach or Pool Day

For many of the same reasons as bathing, going for a swim in the ocean or in the pool is something you should do without your sparkly rings.

Sure, if your ring slips off in the pool you may be able to save it, however, the ocean is a completely different story. As some of you may not be aware but the size of your finger fluctuates in certain scenarios. Our fingers tend to shrink while in the water (hot or cold) for a period of time, therefore your ring is more prone to slip off. Chlorine is also not good for your diamond ring.

The same goes for sunscreen and tanning oils as they can cause unwanted build up and dull your ring overtime. Although tempting to want to show off your stunning ring while out sunbathing, it’s a hundred percent worth it to store it away someplace safe for the day.

Working out 

We all want to keep our bodies in shape but we also want to keep our rings as if they were brand new.

That being said,  you should take your ring off before you begin your workout. It is easy to damage your ring while using heavy weights. Metals are more fragile than people think and can easily scratch or bend if you aren’t careful.

Moisturizing/ Applying Makeup

 While some rings are easier to clean than others (for example, a solitaire classic prong setting may be more simple than cleaning a pave side stone setting) we want to avoid our daily beauty products from getting on the diamond and or setting. 

Keep in mind that your engagement ring is precious. It is both expensive and sentimental, therefore it is extremely important to take care of your fine jewelry.

Although it’s difficult to take off that one thing you love so much, it is more than worth it to take off your ring in the situations we listed above.  As they say, better safe than sorry.