Choosing an Engagement Ring Style

An engagement ring is a sentimental piece of jewelry that you will most likely wear for the rest of your life. Whether you’re purchasing for your partner or working together to pick out the perfect ring, it’s important to choose the right one! 

The purpose of this article is to discuss the overall design of the ring.  Choosing the setting for your engagement ring is just as important as choosing the diamond. You’ll want to think about the style, the gold metal choice, and what works best for you and your lifestyle.

One of the first things to contemplate is whether you gravitate towards classic designs or ones with a modern appeal? 

Classic designs are usually considered quite simple. The appeal of having a classic engagement ring is that it is timeless and pairs well with a variety of bands. This is in contrast to more modern designs, which can go out of fashion as soon as there is a new, up, and coming trend.

 If you’re leaning towards a classic look, solitaires are back in a major way. We’re seeing more and more requests for simple, thin solitaire designs in 2020.  While it is safe to say that you can never go wrong with a classic piece, many customers are still looking for something slightly more exciting with a way to add their personal touch. One way to do this is by choosing a setting that you like. 

Classic engagement rings can be “decorated” in a number of ways. One way to subtly add character is by adding a glittery halo of pave diamonds underneath the center stone. A hidden halo can be added to any shape or setting, adding an element of surprise without too much distraction. You can also consider adding a halo around the center stone or pave diamonds along the shank. Both options will add an element of design and more sparkle.  

Let’s dive into modern settings. East-west settings (horizontally set diamonds) have been high in demand. Emeralds, ovals, and cushions cuts are great stone choices for this style. Although it’s considered modern, it is easy to reset the diamond vertically if you’re looking to change it over time. 

Another popular style to consider is a three-stone setting. One reason this style is so desirable is that you don’t have to settle for just one shape. You can have fun playing with different combinations of shapes and sizes, or even add colored gemstones into the mix. Although this style can be considered modern, we believe a three-stone ring will always be in fashion. 

Another component to consider is the diamond’s size and if it really matters? The answer is yes, however it is totally a personal preference. An engagement ring is meant to be worn on a daily basis. While some may love a showy piece, others will prefer a less flashy, minimalistic design. Even if your budget allows for a large diamond, it is important that you or your partner will feel comfortable wearing it. You should also note that carat weight isn’t the same as size. If your budget is tight, consider finding a diamond with a lower carat weight but with great measurements. For example, you can choose a 1.5 carat diamond that looks as large as a 2 carat diamond but without the hefty price tag. 

Although, there are many factors to consider while choosing an engagement ring, don’t let it overwhelm you.  You can have a lot of fun along the way! Remember, that we are always available to guide you throughout the process and help you pick out, or create the perfect ring.