Black Friday 2020 –Tips for Online Shoppers and Online Business Owners

Black Friday is known to be the best time to shop for great deals, but does the same hold true when it comes to jewelry? Jewelry has always been a great gift option to give to your loved ones and yes, you can find incredible Black Friday deals on diamond jewelry. We all know that Christmas shopping can break the bank. That’s why it makes sense to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday so that you can purchase exactly what you want for almost a fraction of the price. The only downside is that everyone else has the same idea. Keep your eyes peeled and start adding to your wishlist. 

A Little Research will not Hurt you When it Comes to Buying Jewelry

Are you planning on a holiday proposal and you would like to purchase a gorgeous engagement ring?  or maybe you’re just looking to buy a sentimental piece of diamond jewelry for your loved one? Although it’s tempting to simply add to your cart, some prior knowledge will save you valuable time and ensure you are receiving the quality that you paid for.  Start saving the items that you like, and reach out to the merchant if you have any questions. That way you won’t waste time on the day of, where time is of the essence. The beauty of buying jewelry online is that you can easily compare prices and take your time to research if it’s coming from a reputable brand.  

Three things that will prepare you for Black Friday

  1. Register in advance. If there is a site you are interested in buying from, register and fill out your details beforehand. Not only will you save time, but you may also even receive an extra discount for signing up.
  2. Sign up for a newsletter.  For example, if you sign up for our mailing list, you’ll receive a free wedding band with your first purchase and get first access to pre-sales, sales, discount codes, and more exciting information. 
  3. Read reviews.  It’s always helpful to know what previous buyers have to say about the brand. You can always find clues as to how a brand handles its business by reading customer reviews. We’d also recommend checking out the company’s social presence. You can start by searching for the company on Google My Business. Notice if they have any other e-commerce platforms such as an Etsy store or a following on Pinterest. 

Do You have an online shop? Keep the following in mind.

It is important to remember that on Black Friday, sales take place on several channels, especially online. Retail chains and shopping centers also crackdown on promotions to attract customers and significantly increase physical sales. At the same time, most shopping is done online so it is important to prepare for November. Work on creating promotions and other effective methods to advertise to increase brand awareness. 

Changes you should make to your online shop before Black Friday

  • Do your market research and check what products customers are looking for ahead of Black Friday 2020 promotions. You’ll need to replenish inventory on time and offer enticing products at affordable prices.

  • Do an existing inventory check. Black Friday promotions are a great way to clear shelves just before the inventory count at the end of the year.

  • Make sure to restock in time. In preparation for the online sales carnival, you must renew your inventory accordingly. It is important to remember that your competitors also place large orders from suppliers before the sales event, so you may even want to pre-order from your suppliers. 

  • Advertise promotions ahead of the online shopping frenzy. Make sure that prices are updated and that your pop-ups and banners are ready to go. It is worthwhile to run an effective campaign on social networks such as Google-sponsored ads. Also, you should take care of the organic promotion of the site so that your brand appears on the results page on Google.

  • Correctly estimate delivery time. If you are expecting a significant increase in sales over Black Friday, make sure that you can keep up with the delivery timeline and update accordingly. The last thing you want is a disappointed customer. 

In conclusion 

Black Friday is the biggest shopping event around the world. As online shoppers or online business owners, you won’t want to miss out on the experience.  We wish you all a happy Black Friday.