3 Engagement Ring Styles for Every Budget

The engagement rings offered today come in a variety of spectacular, eye-catching designs with diamonds of different shapes and sizes. Although there is plenty to choose from they are not always cheap. Those who are ready to embark on this mission should be aware of the costs. Proper online research, and a general financial assessment, can help you find a suitable engagement ring for your budget. 

You may be wondering about how much you should invest in purchasing a ring and where you should be purchasing from? Typically, the process of choosing an engagement ring is very emotional and is without a doubt, a major stepping stone in a relationship. Love is booming and you  want to make sure your partner is happy.  He or she may even be expecting a proposal, therefore, you may be in a rush and less focused on the financial aspect of the process. 

There are three things you’ll  want to keep in mind when looking for engagement rings. Your partners personal taste, their expectations, and your finances. The goal is to check all of the boxes and find the perfect balance. 

Revenue potential and financial conditions

The first thing you’ll need to consider is how much you are willing to spend on the engagement ring.

For example, if you are a working person with a stable income you are more likely to be able to afford an expensive ring. However, expenses and savings are equally important points to consider when deciding on the budget as well as the financial potential for the next few years.

Are you expected to get a senior position with a higher salary? The idea is to find an engagement ring that can be purchased without opening a savings plan or taking out a loan. With that being said, you should always reach out and see if you can purchase the ring with installments.

Many companies offer layaway plans or financing which can be extremely helpful. It’s always a good idea to do a market survey and find out what the average ring costs are today.

Turning to reputable stores that specialize in engagement rings can help you find rings in a wide range of prices and most importantly, one’s that meet all of your needs.

Most popular diamond shapes for an engagement ring

Let’s start by saying that at the end of the day, choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring is all about one’s personal taste.

Some people would like to have a classic shape such as a round or a princess cut, while others would like to have a more stylish and unique shape such as a pear or an emerald cut diamond. Some shapes are more popular than others and the reasons vary. That being said, we recommend going for what’s on trend for 2020.

Round shaped diamonds

Round diamonds account for 75% of diamonds sold worldwide. The round shape is by-far the most popular diamond shape. It also gives off  the most shine when compared to other shapes providing maximum sparkle. The modern round cut has 58 facets, 33 in the crown (top) and 25 in the pavilion (bottom).

If you are looking for an engagement ring, the round diamond is often considered the most beautiful for solitaire engagement rings. Round diamonds cost more per carat than other shapes for two main reasons: the demand for round diamonds is very high and the yield is relatively low and because more of the rough diamond is lost, the cost of each carat remaining is higher.

The round diamond began to gain popularity in 1919 with the publication of Marcel Tolkowski’s thesis “Design Diamonds: Exploration and the Reflection of Diamond Light”. Tolkowsky’s work described the ideal proportions of round diamonds to maximize the return of light.

Here are two round cut engagement rings that are best sellers here at Nature Sparkle according to both low and high budgets 

  • Daniella: This beautiful ring has a one carat center stone and is set with twenty, round brilliant side stones along the band. This ring only goes for 3,500 USD which makes it affordable without compromising on the quality.

    It is also important to mention that you can choose the type of metal, yellow gold, platinum or rose gold, according to your personal taste.
  • Anastasia – when you imagine a fairytale round cut diamond engagement ring, this is how it looks. This ring has an incredible 3 carat round shaped center stone and 12 side stones. Our Anastasia engagement ring is a dazzling piece and will sparkle 24/7. The price tag on this gorgeous ring is 13,500 USD, however, it is indeed worth every penny .

Cushion cut diamond

The cushion cut is an antique style engagement ring that was also common in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This cut has a pillow- like shape with soft , rounded corners. The cushion cut is not as luminous and fire-like when you compare it to other diamonds, but it does provide a timeless and romantic appeal.

The cushion cut has many variations to choose from, depending on one’s individual’s taste. That’s why you can easily find both square and elongated cushion cut diamonds. 

We have three best sellers in the cushion category:

  • Annabelle – A stunning, three stone engagement ring featuring a 1 carat cushion cut at its center. This unique design includes 2 pear shaped side stones on each side and can be created in the gold metal of your choice for $3500 USD.
  • Serena – If you want to get your partner an unforgettable engagement ring, Serena is the one. We’re talking about a 2 carat cushion cut center stone that exudes elegance. The setting is decorated with 0.50 carat pave side stones and a breathtaking hidden halo all for the price of $9,400 
  • Vivienne – The crown jewel of the cushion cut category and is priced at $17,200 USD. This ring features an impressive 3 carat diamond that redefines the meaning of glam. This ring is a perfect statement piece and whoever gets it will be the happiest woman alive. 

Oval cut diamond

In contrast to a round cut diamond, the oval diamond is perfectly symmetrical. Traditionally it is popular among women with small hands or shorter fingers, however, its elongated shape gives a flattering illusion of length to all hands.

If you want features that resemble the round diamond along with something more unique, the oval diamond is a perfect choice. Oval diamonds usually reflect light brilliantly and best with a high color grade. A nice-looking oval diamond has a ratio of 1.35-1.65. If you thinking of purchasing an oval cut diamond engagement ring for the love of your life, here are some great options:

  • Dior – A classy 1 carat oval cut center stone with a gorgeous hidden halo, side stone setting makes this ring perfect for anyone. Its minimal, yet magical style will be sure to make your loved one gleam with joy. It is priced at $3,500 USD
  • Bianca – A  2 carat oval cut center stone set in a pave setting. What more could you ask for? The ring comes in the gold metal of your choice, however, we would suggest going for the white gold option as it really emphasizes the beauty of the center stone.  

With a little planning and clear understanding of your partner’s preferences, you can purchase the perfect engagement ring or wedding ring.