3 carat pear shaped diamond – The perfect choice for the fashion forward

Pear shaped diamonds were not considered to be the most popular diamond shape, however, in recent years this style cut has become increasingly popular. Whether it’s because the modern woman wants to celebrate her individuality, or because the ability to cut pear shaped diamonds has become more accessible, the pear shape diamond is showing up in jewelry designs all over the world.

There are many reasons to invest in a pear shaped diamond other than just a fashion and aesthetics. One of the many benefits of the pear shape diamond is that due to its signature shape, it creates an illusion of elongated fingers. A pear shape diamond can make a finger look longer and thinner. Whether you wear the pear diamond pointing up or down, it will still create an elegant elongated effect on anyones finger.  It can have a similar effect if worn on a necklace, elongating the neck.

Why should you choose a pear shaped diamond?

Another advantage is its color scale. While other diamond cuts usually evoke a preference for a colorless or almost colorless look, a warmer tone in the G to H range tends to be the preferred tone for a pear shaped diamond. This can save you some money when purchasing a diamond in comparison to other shaped diamonds. However, it is  preferable to get a smaller stone, ideally in the 1 carat range. This is because this cut of diamond tends to give off the effect of a darker area in the widest part of the stone due to the shape of the cut. This is more noticeable in large stones. It won’t be evident in a diamond that remains in the 1 carat range. Some actually prefer this effect. If that’s the case, you can actually also go for a larger diamond to show it off. No matter what size and color you choose, the pear diamond is always a stylish and classic look for anyone.

The rise of a 3 carat pear diamond

While the pear diamond shape continues to climb in popularity, there is a specific diamond size for the pear shape that is topping the charts. The 3 carat pear shaped diamond. Of course this carat weight and shape makes an impact, but beyond that, why exactly 3 carats? Is this a temporary trend or is this specific size diamond going to stay with us for many years to come?

Fashion trend, Classic Elegance, or both?

The 3 carat pear seems to present the perfect proportions for a pear diamond. The size of the 3 carat pear is also ideal to show off how much the diamond can really sparkle. 3 carat is also the ideal size for when you really want your diamond to make an impact. Unlike smaller 1-carat diamonds, this diamond attracts attention and commands a room. You can’t miss the perfection of a 3 carat cut and its impactful size. That being said, a 3 carat pear is still small enough to be tasteful and elegant without being too over the top and flashy.

You really can’t go wrong with a pear shaped diamond. I can be incorporated in to so many different styles of rings for any budget and aesthetic. It’s really a standout shape that anyone would be lucky to show off.